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15 Ideas to Make Your Old Bathroom New Again

Last updated on: February 9th, 2020

While many people find the need to renovate various parts of the house from time to time, you would find it easy to overlook the bathroom. Although it’s a functional place just like any other in the house, you probably take less time in there, well not unless prolonged hot baths are your thing. However, no matter the amount of time you spend in your bathroom, that shouldn’t be reason enough to neglect it.

It doesn’t necessarily require an entire overhaul.

So here are some simple creative ideas to help you perk up your tired d bathroom, without starting all over again;

Replace those countertop accessories

accessoriesYou don’t have to go shopping to fulfill this idea.

All you need is to go through your cabinet and identify some accessories you could make use of to bring that refreshing look.

For instance, you can pump into a beautiful bowl soap, a unique portable vase/mug for the toothbrushes, a floral plat for your cosmetics and much more.

Also, use this opportunity to get rid of some items you don’t need on the counter.

Some things are better hidden away.

A scriptural item would also come in handy.

You can also consider tiling up the countertop.

Add a piece of furniture

One part of furniture makes a significant difference to your space.

Locate that side table or stool you have been set aside for a while and let it act as your bath-side stand.

You can place your mobile phone on it during those long baths, a wine glass for that romantic evening, etc.

Or some best shower seat for elderly will do a lot of good.

It’s time to swap that mirror

hang a mirrorWhile having an enormous mirror on the walls is an excellent idea, it might start losing value with time.

And when it reaches that time, you can switch it with a smaller one from other rooms or entirely get rid of it and have beautiful wall hangings in its place.

If you want to retain it, then you can try different molds around it to get a fresh finish.

Paint the walls

Most homeowners like playing it safe when it comes to the bathroom area.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to remain like that forever.

Stir up your creativity with a mix of colors to express your personality.

Paint the wall and ceiling.

If you aren’t into bright colors, then grey could do okay.

Remember it’s the small changes that can enhance an attitude shift.

Consider houseplants

Where there is water, there is plant life.

Plants have a specific live for bathrooms.

The reason behind this could be because baths tend to be warm and full of humidity.

And since the advantages of plants spread to your body and soul, you can as well implement this idea.

Examples of plants that do well in-house include; ferns, philodendron, and spider plants.

Refinish those Fixtures

Replacing bathroom essentials such as sinks and bathtubs can be pretty expensive.

Therefore, to cut on costs, you should instead consider reglazing them instead of replacing.

However, be sure to use the services of a professional for long-lasting results.

Add a wall-mount cabinet

Mirrored Medicine CabinetIf you are operating on limited space, you can come up with an elegant hanging cabinet to conceal your toiletries.

Since this won’t eat up the floor space, you can still enjoy your movements without restrictions.

Remodel that Vintage Vanity

You see that mirrored dresser you have been having second thoughts about for a while?

Why not repurpose it to cabinet sink?

You can attain this by carefully making a cutout at the top.

Watch some DIY videos, and you would be good to go.

Switch that shower curtain

The shower curtain is one of the things most people forget to replace.

But this single move can bring in many colors to your bathroom.

However be sure it blends in well with surrounding fixtures.

Bring a table lamp

If you have been riding on sconce lighting for a while, then it’s something to try out something new and exciting.

Get one of your dress top lampshades to the bath area.

Illumination from the lower side the bathroom would give it a fresh feel.

And while at it, remember to carry a matching stand.

Replace the towel stand with a Vintage ladder

The sight of towel hooks can be dull if prolonged for long.

Why not bring in a classic look instead? There is always something refreshing about the “old-school” stuff that you shouldn’t miss out.

Relive your childhood days with this piece.

Replace that robe

Most individuals don’t realize how long they get to use their bathrobes.

If it pains you throwing it away, you can make better use of it by transforming it into dust rags.

Get yourself something trendy.

Remember since you leave it hanging there for the better part of the day, it automatically becomes part of the décor.

Switch that toilet seat

GenieBidet Self Cleaning SeatJust like any other thing, new styles of toilet seats keep emerging on a daily basis.

Don’t be stuck in the old days, but instead choose to be part of the transformation.

Replace those standard round seats with elongated ones and loose hinges for a better cleaning experience.

Remember you need to get comfortable here!

Add some art

Make use of your free time to make a graphic wallpaper covering from your classic book collection pages.

Make use of quality wallpaper paste to stick it to the wall.

You can then seal the surroundings with a clear top coat for a perfect finish.

Make use of a water resistant wainscot

Although wall tiles protect your walls from dampness, they might develop some cracks with time and let in water.

As you know, water can cause the walls to wear out hence giving your bathroom a rigged look.

Instead, consider making use of beadboard.

It is not only long-lasting but also easy to maintain as compared to tiles and wood.

You will also be saving up on the cash you could use on frequent repainting as it doesn’t need painting in future.

See it as a long-term investment.

I’m a seasoned Interior Designer whose innovation, keen eye for detail and creativity have all earned me the reputation as a reliable go-to professional. Over the course of a decade, I’ve garnered extensive industry experience, successfully designing hundreds of bathrooms along the way. Additionally, I hold an Interior Design Certificate from College of Architecture and Design in Newark, New Jersey. Outside of my profession, I have an avid interest in all things related to fitness and cryptocurrency. If you are looking for a competent expert who can help you renovate your living space, then feel free to contact me today.

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