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Incredible Vintage Bathroom Features That Never Go Out of Style

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Bathroom renovations are one of the major undertakings for any homeowner. And while you focus on creating a modern look, it’s vital to ensure your ideas don’t get out of date that easily. Therefore, it’s for this reason that the vintage bathrooms have always been trendy.

The main reason behind this is the fact that they have a classic appeal that wouldn’t get out of style.

When most people hear of vintage baths, all that comes to mind is the claw-foot tabs, white subway tile, and pedestal sinks.

However, this isn’t the complete list of the current day vintage bath incorporates all of these plus other incredible designs elements all the way from the 20th century.

Let’s now take a look at some of the famous features that are not only trendy but also classic;

Console Sink

This type of a sink features mounted legs with an exposure of the underneath plumbing.

The openness of this particular sink makes it convenient for you to clean and for better ventilation.

Homeowners can opt for a one with a marble top, chrome legs and an all-white under mount sink.

For this choice, you get enough space to place toiletries and gives a glamming touch.

On the other hand, you can get a porcelain sink which comes with matching furniture.

It should, however, contain an integrated sink, backsplash and be easy to clean.

Cararra Marble

Marbles make an excellent choice for floors and vanity tops, and Cararra makes an excellent choice.

Therefore, you get not only a good finishing but also a complementary look for surrounding fixtures.

Ceramic Handles for Faucets

sinkBathroom handles such as the cross and lever ones with ceramic trims give your bath a classic look.

And although most people prefer while ceramic, you can try other colors of your choice while trying not to be too bold.

Claw-foot tub

The claw-foot tub was most popular in the 19th century.

The free-standing claw-foot tub comes with a four animal-like support and is an original model of the cast iron.

However, they are currently available in acrylic, which makes them much lighter to move around.

They usually have a deep basin, and their feet contains ornaments of your choice.

You can also choose to have a one colored claw-foot tub.

Pedestal Sink

Most homeowners would gladly agree that there is nothing that displays the beauty of classic sinks than the pedestal sink.

The base of these types of sinks is meant to conceal the hard work put into plumbing.

And since they don’t take a lot of space, they like their console counterparts can help make your small bathroom area look large.

Hence they are an ideal selection for those operating on limited space.

Pedestal tubs

pedestal sinkIf you thought pedestal sinks were enough, then you would be surprised at how much magic pedestal tubs bring to your space.

They are in most cases free standing with the support of a low pedestal base.

You can have them for your traditional or transitional styles since they are a perfect fit with their clean lines.

Shower with curtain ring enclosure

The feature comes in handy for individuals with privacy needs in mind.

Therefore, if you love your claw-foot pedestal bathtubs and would like to take your sweet time during showers, then this incredible design serves you right.

The suspension of the rod straight from the ceiling provides a standard framework for your shower.

You can then pull close the curtains as you go on with your business.

The choice of curtains is entirely yours, but make sure they complement the surrounding.



Beadboard panels usually are white and help to cover the walls for up to 5 feet from the floor.

Some people also use tiles for the same purpose.

In most instances, the finishing forms a molding, but if that’s not the case, you can use a chair rail.

The original reason behind this idea was to protect the bathroom walls from dampness.

You can stock matching liners below/above the tile row.

Bathroom furniture

vintage bathroom furnitureWell, as much as most people think furniture is only meant for other rooms in the house, you can also have some in the bathroom.

You can get a great combination of a bench, chairs and dressing table. Teak shower benches also look amazing.

To finish the look, consider the bathtub color when selecting your furniture.

For instance, everything can have a trace of gold or even silver.

Wall colors

It’s not right that all classic bathrooms have white paint.

On the contrary, bold colors also work wonders.

However, you should be sure to have a continuation of the bright color throughout the room.

From the bathtubs, countertops, and floor, nothing should be left out.

Remember neutralization is critical for the perfect look.

White-shade lighting

The feature can make a fantastic complementary to the bathroom medicine cabinet or mirror.

Have an installation of wall sconces.

Remember chrome finishing works better with glass shades since they are easier to clean.

Therefore, ensure the lights focus on damp regions.

Tub Faucet

telephone tub faucetThe tub comes in the form of an English “telephone” hand shower complete with a faucet.

The incredible combination is then primarily paired with your favorite claw-foot tub or even pedestal tub.

The sight is magnificent.

Hexagonal floor tile

The combination of all white bathroom, subway tiles, and porcelain hexagonal tiles give a clean and hygienic finish.

The mix is an excellent way to decorate your Bungalow-style baths.

The tiles come in different sizes and colors for your preference.

Hot and cold separate taps

The two-in-one sink makes an ideal bath stopover point for your bath.

With this, your space achieves the Britain look, which is more common in historic houses.

Therefore, if the idea appeals to you, place a modern twist on it and enjoy the sight.

Bathroom accessories

You can give your vintage bathroom a classic finishing with essential accessories like double towel bars, towel hooks, and racks.

With this, you can be sure to love the look several years later.

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