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Inflatable Hot Tubs: Are They Worth Your Money?

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Most of the time before you even make up your mind on household stuff investments, you take time to contemplate as to whether you really need the items or not? So it’s normal if you have the same expectations when it comes to inflatable hot tubs. Now that these kinds of tubs have become a trending topic in talks surrounding household accessories, you might find yourself falling into the quick purchase waves.

But then do you really need it?

And what do you stand to gain with it in your bathroom?

These and a couple of other questions should storm your mind before anything else.

The fact that inflatable hot tubs tend to be on an affordable side, makes them attractive.

Let’s not also forget the various benefits they stand to bring.

From incredible body jets, automatic water to you heating to filtration, every feature stands to display what you are missing.

You know with all these incredible spa home features, you would probably expect them to cost you an arm and a leg.

After all, it’s expensive things that tend to last long, right?

Well, we will discuss that and much more in this article.

Be sure to read through to the end.

Our market survey identified four major issues that surround the notions against investing in an inflatable hot tub.

And they include:

Inflatable Hot Tubs aren’t big enough

Inflatable Hot Tubs aren't big enoughIf you are planning on purchasing an inflatable hot tub, then you should set your mind that you wouldn’t be getting something as big as your home swimming pool or anything close to that suggestion.

In fact, you might be surprised to find out that the tubs cannot comfortably accommodate as many people as the claims in the specs section.

So if for instance, you read about it accommodating 5 people, you should have in mind a picture of around two adults and three children positioning themselves close enough to each other.

Hence, there won’t be much flexibility as stretching out and swimming all around!

Therefore, if you want a hot tub that could give you some stretching flexibility, then you can go for a four person hot tub and enjoy it two persons at a time.

Better yet, if money isn’t a problem, then you might consider getting two.

One for you and your partner and the other for the children.

The same case also applies to sharing the hot tub with persons you aren’t comfortable getting in close contact with throughout the soaking process.

A good example of an excellent inflatable spa that could comfortably fit four adults is the 85 inch Intex Pure Spa.

And although its specs read 6-individuals.

Trust us, you would be better with two fewer persons.

So always keep this in mind whenever you head out shopping for your anticipated inflated hot tub.

Now that you got an idea of what to expect from your hot tub in terms of capacity, it’s time to consider other facts.

For instance, before digging deeper into your savings to purchase that quality hot tub, it would be better if you take your sweet time to examine its overall physical appearance.

If you are searching through an online store, you can zoom in the image and take a closer look at the design.

If it appeals to your eyes, then you can go through the stated dimensions and gather how thick the inflatable hot tub is?

Remember it’s the thick well insulated hot tub walls that define its efficiency.

The thick they are, the higher the insulation and vice versa.

So expect thickness of around 10 inches or more.

However, you should be careful when going through dimensions as they can be misleading at times.

For instance, if the inflatable hot tub is said to be 70 inches diameter, then that doesn’t necessarily mean that the space inside is the same.

Remember the diameter also includes the thickness of the wall.

So the thick the wall is, the less the sitting space you would have left.

If you are into creativity, you can even try to bring the whole hot tub idea into your home before you even purchase.

All you need to do make good use of a tape measure to sketch it on the floor, the way you expect it to be and you and your family/friends can try fitting in one by one or in pairs.

While this might not give you the actual feel, it would definitely offer you a rough idea as to whether it would be big enough for all of you.

You will have fun trying out this idea!

You can apply the trick above in measuring the depth of the inflatable hot tubs as well.

You can use water to go without, the choice is entirely yours.

The good thing, however, is that these kinds of tubs come in different sizes, shapes, and depth.

So you get to select one that perfectly suits you.

The Hot Tub Jets on Inflatable Hot Tubs aren’t powerful enough

Power is the main term surrounding the efficiency and performance a hot tub system.

The water heating system in your home also requires power.

Therefore, for the sake gaining a health power consumption in your household, you have to come up with a compromise, whereby each section gets a share of the basic output.

As a result of this, it’s normal to have a less powerful home spa hot tubs jets as compared to those at your favorite commercial spa spot.


This heavily depends on the type of hot tub you got and the features they offer.

In most cases than not, the more expensive an inflatable hot tub is, the higher the probability of containing easily powered jets.

The massive production of bubbles in inflatable tubs also depends on how close together the air pumping holes are in the brand.

The average bubble holes per hot tub range from 100-120 jets, whereas there are some with more holes.

So when you practically look at it, you will realize that air pressure is also a form of energy that defines the effectiveness of the hot tub jets.

So as the water fills with air, it increases its force and ends up realizing powerful bubbles to the surface of the hot tub.

It’s this feature that gives you that soothing-massage like feeling you yearn for at the end of each day/ stressful moment.

In actual sense, you should expect a relaxing soothing feeling rather than a deep massage as it comes at the massage parlor.

However, you still achieve much of hydrotherapy by investing in hydro jets inflatable hot tubs with a combination of hydro and bubble jets.

We must warn you that these ones tend to be more expensive.

But again, avoid getting overly excited about what you read on the product description specs as the messages are more of a sales talk than reality.

So, just be sure to set your expectations up to standard and you might end up getting surprised.

Isn’t that much better than a disappointment?

Inflatable Hot Tubs Cool Too Fast and Are Slow To Heat

If you are looking for something that you would connect to power and be able to use the next minute, then it’s point blank that inflatable tubs aren’t for you.

As much as we would like to say otherwise, there is no denying that these trendy shower relaxing devices, take their sweet time to set themselves right before meeting your expectations.

In fact, if you have been window shopping for a while, you must have come across some comments on inflatable hot tubs heating systems restrictions.

However, if you haven’t yet, then there is no need to panic as we are here for you.

The heating system range of most of these desirable machines stands at the 15-amp power supply.

So it isn’t a surprise that they take their time to heat up and could cost you a total of 24 hours to get 250 gallons of water ready.

So how can you manage this? While there isn’t anything extraordinary you can do, there are a few tips you can implement to ensure you get your water ready only after a few hours, like let’s say 3-4 hours.

Does it seem impossible?

Well, it shouldn’t be if you are ready to get innovative.

For instance, you can begin by accepting that your first set of cold tub water will have to take longer to heat.

Thus, be patient and let it get ready.

Then after that, you can dedicate some few hours daily to heat up the water even when you aren’t using so that it doesn’t get back to its initial too cold state.

Through this, you would not only be saving yourself those quality soaking time but also save on the energy bills.

The case is different if you like using the hot tub daily.

But then, how valid is the above point?

While heating your hot tub water regularly ensures it doesn’t get back to its normal room temperature state, it doesn’t mean the water wouldn’t cool off a little bit after some time.

The fact is so obvious despite the fact that these tubs come with excellence insulation features that slow down the cooling process.

But then it’s logical that the water does evaporate and mix with cold air right?

So it would be better to keep your expectations realistic.

The science behind this doesn’t really depend on the cost of the inflatable hot tub, but rather on uncontrollable natural circumstances.

A good quality inflatable hot tub not only comes with thick walls but also a combination of powerful thermal protection and bottom, side, and top insulation materials.

Sure this can slow down the cooling process but can’t maintain the temperature of the water at favorable for a couple of days!

So you can expect more from expensive hot bathtub models as compared to cheaper ones, but what you get out of the experience heavily depends on how realistic your expectations can get.

Furthermore, it’s totally different case if the water starts to cool off when you are still using the hot tub.

Since the power limitations on the tubs don’t allow you to turn on both the bubbles and the heater the same time, you will have to let go of the bubbles before you reheat the water.

This could be frustrating especially if you were already getting too comfortable.

The Cheapest Hot Tubs Wear Out Fast

Well, let’s face it, we cannot place built in hot tubs at the same level as their inflatable counterparts.

Now can we?

Obviously not.

And it’s for this simple reason; built-in one hot tubs last much longer than inflatables ones, thanks to the materials used to build both.

Regardless, that doesn’t in any way indicate that inflatable hot tubs are a waste of manufacturing resources.

We would actually like to think of this issue from an angle whereby different individuals possess various preferences.

So what might seem awesome to you, might not be the same to another person.

The same case applies to hot tubs.

Hence, even if inflatable tubs are air-filled, their constructions are potent, hence can accommodate a huge amount of weight.

And this doesn’t really matter as to how much one costs.

So if you strictly adhere to the maintenance tips on various brands, you can expect a long service.

But that doesn’t mean accidents don’t occur or a little mess-ups in the manufacturing procedure.

And just like any other product.

It’s unfortunate in your inflatable hot tub develops hitches after a few months.

It happens all the time, not only to cheap labeled stuff but also to the most expensive ones as well.

So maybe we should quit the mentality? After all, each product, just like each business has their category of die-hard fans, middle players, and pure haters.

So if you happen to come across numerous Inflatable hot tubs positive ratings as compared to negative ones, you should be ready to take your stand.

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