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5 Key Considerations for Powering Your Home with Renewable Energy

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

In recent decades, the environmental movement has become much more than a hot pastime topic and has evolved into a global movement intended to improve the quality of life for future generations, and safeguard the future of Earth as a whole.

Aside from recycling, reusing, and refusing to buy paper and plastic, the most powerful change the commercial and residential sectors can make is switching to renewable energy.

Even though environmentalism should be the primary reason for this change, it’s important to note that going green in your household can have profound long-term benefits for your finances. Let’s break down the five key considerations when thinking about powering your home with renewable energy along with the best ways to make a smooth and seamless transition.

The rising costs of energy around the world

There is no denying that global energy prices are not going to drop any time soon. Quite the contrary, with the ever-growing scarcity of natural resources and the increased capital investment needed to source energy for an ever-growing consumer pool in the residential and commercial sector, the prices of electricity are only going to rise in the years and decades to come.

This is trend has been observed on both sides of the globe, with the U.S. electricity prices rising after decades of stability on one end, and the high prices in Australia becoming the new average in the wake of climate change and the overuse of non-renewable energy sources. With that in mind, the need for a dramatic change in the residential and commercial sectors becomes paramount. Here’s what you can do.

Before you upgrade to a renewable system

Although switching to a renewable energy system is a long-term investment into a more solvent future, you should be aware of all the factors at play and have the right information at hand in order to make the best cost-effective decision. Particularly, this means that you should calculate your home’s exact energy expenditure, and upgrade certain features for improved conservation. This practice is being widely adopted across Australia, for example, due to the rising need for more eco-friendly solutions.

In the Land Down Under, homeowners will conducts a thorough energy audit for their entire property with the help of a certified electrician from Sydney and other major areas where green policies hold top priority among residents. This allows the homeowner to make small yet effective changes to the electrical system to boost energy savings across the board.

To that end, consider switching to LED lighting, home automation, and energy-efficient appliances after your energy audit. Once you have introduced these passive conservation features, you can start working on a complete energy system overhaul for your property.

Installing solar panels and siding

Solar power is perhaps the most popular option among homeowners, and for a number of compelling reasons. Firstly, solar panels and shingles are easy to install and provide a great long-term return on investment, especially for families residing in areas with plenty of unobstructed sunlight throughout the year. Recent innovations in solar panel technology have also made solar power a feasible solution for properties in cloudy regions, as the photovoltaic surface has become more sensitive to indirect sunlight.

Another benefit of solar panels is that they have no impact on your quality of life or comfort of living, as they don’t produce any noise, nor do they affect maneuverability around the property in any way. Most importantly, a properly-sized solar system can easily power a sizable family home, with no more than a few square feet of solar panels and siding.

Building a wind turbine

You might consider wind turbines as interesting roadside attractions you can admire on your way into the city or when you’re taking the family on a cross-country road trip, but it’s important to know these cumbersome contraptions can and are being used in the residential realm as well. Especially praised for its extremely high energy output, a wind turbine is a powerhouse of clean energy that can meet all of your household’s needs.

What’s more, it provides a more stable energy source, as it’s not dependent on your home’s orientation or weather conditions. The only two downsides to this excellent piece of technology are the noise levels it can produce and the amount of space needed for proper installation. If you have a sizable property, though, you can easily introduce a wind turbine on the opposite end of your estate and reap the benefits without experiencing any drawbacks.

Running on hydro power

Lastly, if your property resides near flowing water such as a river or a stream, you can install a hydro turbine to produce clean energy. Keep in mind that installing a hydro turbine for maximum energy production will require a skilled and experienced hand, so be sure to contact a professional if you choose to fuel your home with this type of renewable energy.

Final thoughts

With the prices of electricity rising around the world, and the ever-diminishing pools of non-renewable resources threatening the modern way of life, it’s imperative that homeowners recognize the power and potential of clean energy. Making these green changes will allow you to make long-term financial savings, while at the same time aiding the preservation of the environment.

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