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Key Steps For Starting Your Own Garage

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

If you like nothing more than getting under the hood of cars and making repairs then you might want to think about starting your own garage. This can be an incredibly interesting, fun and rewarding line of work and car repairs will always be in demand so it is secure work.

In order to start working on cars, you need to make sure that you have the right environment and tools for the work. It can take time, effort and money to set up your own garage but if you are serious about working on cars then this will all prove to be worthwhile.

Certification & Registration

In order to start working on cars professionally, you will need to get the paperwork in order. You will need to obtain an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification along with sales tax, a business license and Employer Identification Number. You should also look to form a legal entity, such as an LLC, so that you are not personally liable.

Business Plan

As with any business, you will need to carry out market research to assess the market and then create a business plan. This will outline how you will conduct business, cash flow, growth plans etc. This business plan will help to guide you through the early stages of the business and can be used to secure funding.


Leading on from this, it is likely that you will require some form of funding to get the garage up and running and to cover the various costs initially. A bank loan is one of the best ways for doing this but you may struggle for approval if you have debt collectors like ARS collections – fortunately, there are steps that you can take to remove ARS National from your credit report to increase your chances of approval.


In terms of location, this could be either your own garage at home or you could look to move into an existing empty garage. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that you have enough space to work safely, there must be enough space for parking and an area where you can carry out the business side of the operation.

Equipment & Tools

You will need various pieces of equipment and a full toolkit in order to take on different types of work. A few examples of equipment and tools that you will need include:

  • Jack stands
  • Engine Hoist
  • Axle stands
  • Engine stands
  • Creepers
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Body repair kits

It is also a smart idea to invest in high-quality tool storage so that you can safely lock away tools when not in use. This should help with security, help you to keep track of tools and keep the work floor tidy, which will reduce trip hazards.

Setting Up The Garage

In addition to all of the tools and equipment, you must also prepare the area so that you can work effectively each day. This might include:

  • A desk and chair
  • A computer with internet access
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • First-aid kit
  • Waiting area for customers


It is vital that you have adequate insurance in place before commencing business. You can check with your state’s motor vehicle department who can tell you how much insurance you will require to get up and running.

Website & Social Media

In today’s day and age, you need to make sure that you have a strong online presence. A high-quality website which shows your expertise, services provided, costs and contact information is essential and you should also set up social media channels to engage with your target audience.

Marketing Your Business

It is then a case of marketing your business to start attracting customers and building a name for yourself. It is a good idea to use digital marketing to increase your visibility online but you will also be targeting motorists in the local area so traditional forms of marketing can be effective. It is also worth approaching dealerships in the local area to strike up a strategic alliance. This could involve dealerships recommending your services to their customers in return for advertising their dealership to your own customers. It is also important to obtain reviews from your customers and to use these to promote your company – people rely heavily on social proof when it comes to car repair.

This guide should help you to get started with setting up your own garage. This can be fun and rewarding work plus it is an industry which is always in demand as people will always need to use their vehicles. It is then a case of providing an excellent service to customers to build your reputation.

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