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9 Great Benefits to Using a Log Splitter

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Before you purchase any machine it is a good idea to find out whether or not it is worth it. Nobody wants to waste their money on a piece of equipment that isn’t worth it. When it comes to using a log splitter, the benefits vastly outweigh the cons. While any log splitter requires you to pay for the machine and the maintenance, a log splitter will pay for itself several times over within the first few uses.

Here are the nine major benefits to using a log splitter to cut your firewood.

Benefits of Using a Log Splitter

1 – Using a log splitter saves you a ton of time.

axe log splittingSplitting logs by hand takes a long time. Not only do you need to cut the wood into pieces that can be put in the fireplace, but you first need to cut it down to a size you can manage. Essentially, this requires you to cut the same piece of wood multiple times.

With a log splitter, you only need to cut the wood once to make it into a round that fits into the splitter. This is considerably less time consuming than cutting each piece into a round and then into a fireplace-sized piece.

How much time you save depends on the type of log splitter you have. Manual splitters are not as fast as electric or gas powered log splitters since they function on the power of one person. Using a manual splitter requires the user to set up and maneuver the wedge by hand. Although this takes longer than using a powered splitter, it still takes less time than cutting the wood with an axe.

Electric or gas powered splitters get the job done in even less time than manual splitters. These powered types of splitters cut the wood with just the press of a button or the pull of a lever, saving you time when it comes to setting up the wedge. Also, the wedge moves faster than it does on a manual splitter which minimizes the amount of actual cutting time.

2 – Using any type of splitter cuts down on the amount of work you have to do.

If you’ve tried wood splitting with an axe you know it requires a great deal of energy. The force required to completely split a log will exhaust a person very quickly n – cutting one log doesn’t take much, but doing it enough times to build a pile of firewood will really wear you down.

By using a splitter you are saving yourself from using that energy and letting the machine do the work for you. The only work you’ll have to do is loading the round into the splitter and taking the finished pieces off, which is drastically less tiring than cutting it all by hand. Learn more on how to use a log splitter to prevent any injuries.

Manual splitters require more work than powered splitters since the user needs to move the wedge as well as load and unload the round. While this type of splitter isn’t as efficient as the gas and electric versions, the user will do less work with a manual splitter than by cutting with an ax.

If you set your log splitter up properly you can even cut down on the amount of carrying you need to do and save yourself even more work. By setting up your splitter close to where you’ll stack your finished pieces you can minimize how far you have to move the finished pieces.

3 – You’ll be able to get more done.

Since you have more time and energy, you’ll be able to get more done. This includes work other than cutting wood as well as splitting logs. You can put the energy you save by using a log splitter into other tasks or to increase the amount of wood you can split in one sitting.

The energy you save can be put to use completing tasks that you’ve been putting off, which results in getting more done in multiple areas.
Choosing to cut more wood at one time decreases the overall amount of time you need to spend splitting logs. By having a stockpile, you can spend your time on other tasks rather than cutting firewood. This, in turn, increases your productivity in other areas of your life.

4 – Using firewood will save you money on your heating bill.

firewood heatingPurchasing a log splitter is an investment. As with any piece of equipment, there is an upfront cost to the consumer, which is the price of the machine and any accompanying items like gas and oil. However, this upfront payment will save you money over the first few uses.

Most families find that heating their home is expensive. When the heating bill comes there are always extra charges and taxes. Using firewood is an excellent alternative to paying for other types of heating.

With a log splitter, you can cut your own firewood and save money on your heating bill. You’ll notice substantial savings, even if you only use firewood to heat your home for a few months.

Also, anybody who has gone camping knows that bringing your own firewood will save you money.

Purchasing firewood from the campground or independent vendors will only add to the expenses for your trip. If you camp regularly, investing in a log splitter will reduce the amount of money you spend every time you go. These savings will quickly add up.

5 – You can feel good about being environmentally friendly.

Using wood to heat your home is much better for the environment than other options.

A manual log splitter doesn’t produce any fumes or chemicals since it isn’t powered by fuel. By using manpower to work your machine rather than gasoline means you are contributing to a healthy environment.

Gas powered log splitters do create some fumes in the form of exhaust, however, the fumes from a gas splitter have a smaller impact than using this type of fuel to heat your entire home.

6 – Log splitters require minimal maintenance.

Any kind of machinery requires some sort of maintenance to keep them in good working order. Generally, the larger and more complicated the machine the more maintenance is required. Log splitters are relatively small in comparison to other types of equipment and have fairly simple designs.

As a result, the user doesn’t have to worry about the upkeep being overwhelming. Any type of log splitter will require oil to continue to working. For manual splitters, this is basically the only type of maintenance you’ll need to do.

Powered splitters require a bit more maintenance, for the simple reason that they are more complex machines. Gas powered splitters will need regular fill ups of fuel as well as oil. For electric splitters, the main thing to watch out for is the condition of the power cord.

7 – Each kind of log splitter is portable and easy to store.

Log splitters are designed to be moveable. This is a huge benefit to the user because you may not want to set up your splitter in the same place every time. This flexibility makes it much more likely that you will use your log splitter.

Being able to move your log splitter also means you can completely get your money’s worth. Whether you use it in different parts of your yard or at someone else’s house, having the option to use it in multiple locations enables you to use it whenever you want without being limited by the reach of the machine.

When it comes to storing equipment, having a portable piece of machinery makes the process significantly easier. The lifespan of your tools is greatly increased when they are stored properly. Being able to move your log splitter into an appropriate storage space ensures you are able to protect your investment.

Regardless of the type of log splitter you have, you can move it and easily store it. Manual log splitters are usually smaller than powered splitters, which makes them easier to store since they take up less room. Electric and powered splitters are larger and heavier. Fortunately, these types of splitters are equipped with wheels to enable the user to move it without struggling.

8 – You may be able to use your log splitter indoors.

In colder climates, being able to use your log splitter indoors is a major advantage. Firewood is most often needed in the fall and winter, and being outdoors for extended periods of time during these seasons is uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.

Manual and electric log splitters can be used in enclosed spaces like garages and sheds as long as you have enough room to move around the machine. Since these types of splitters don’t produce any sort of exhaust, they can safely be used in your indoor work space.

Also, log splitters need to be set up on a flat surface in order to be used safely. In the fall and winter, this can be difficult to achieve due to the weather. If you set your log splitter up indoors you can make sure that it is on an even surface.

Gas powered splitters produce carbon monoxide, which makes them unsuitable to be used anywhere but outdoors.

9 – Log splitters don’t make very much mess.

Some yard equipment requires a lot of clean up after you use it. Fortunately, log splitters don’t make much mess. As the logs are cut, some wood chips will fly off the machine. If you are outside these chips can easily be raked into a pile and used for tinder, or added to a compost pile.

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  1. Hi Nicholas, You really hit the log on the head (with a splitter). If you do any serious amount of firewood splitting a splitter is a good investment. Cheers.

  2. I’ve always wanted one of these. Such a cool tool to have!

  3. Hello, Thank you very much for your fantastic blog. It’s great that you show 9 different work for Splitter. I need a splitter for my cutting firewood. If you had more insight I will greatly appreciate it.

  4. I never knew log splitters would drastically save time by minimizing the number of cuts needed for a log to get into a manageable size! My husband is trying to get our woodpile replenished for winter, but he spends a few hours with his axe every evening. I’m glad I ran into your article about log splitters because I think it could save him a lot of time! Hopefully we can find one we could borrow or rent!

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