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How To Lose Weight In The Winter

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Are you to asking yourself how can I lose weight in the winter? A countless number of people struggle with excessive weight and fail to perform a regular exercise during the winter. A good number gains weight gradually and before they know it, they are already overweight.

However, with the advancement in technology and exercise equipment, winter is not a valid exercise for gaining weight. We have a good number of workouts that can assist you lose weight or maintain standard weight even during the winter.

Thus, if it is that time of the year when the weather becomes cool hindering workout, or when the when there is a lot of food to promote weight gain, we have an excellent suggestion for you.

You can counter the effects of the Halloween candy, Christmas cookies, popular snacks and typical foodstuffs that drive you wild.

Although gaining weight during the cold weather is quite common, succumbing to it is an option with the right exercise machines.

Nevertheless, you need to remain disciplined and observe your dietary habits as you perform the exercises to prevent gaining fat and promote the burning of unwanted body fat.

  1. Perform full-body workout using weight

full body workout

Most people wishing to enhance their muscles typically focus on a few body parts each day.

In most public gyms, you will certainly hear of an exercise day, arm day, leg day and chest workout day.

Even though utilizing this approach for muscle development is fine, you can combine that with the aspects of weight loss.

Nevertheless, your main focus should change from gaining muscle mass to burning fat.

This will require a slight change and incorporation of full body circuit into the regular workout.

The idea behind this workout is to prevent various parts of your body from getting used to the frequent exercise.

Focusing on different parts of the body as you perform routine exercise helps the body consume more calories and burn fat at a significant rate.

Best elliptical trainers or best rowing machines play a significant role in ensuring full-body workouts.

If you do not have one already, checking buying guide for ellipticals and purchasing one is an excellent idea.

  1. Exercising regularly with jumping rope

jumping rope

Jumping rope sounds like a very good idea for most people who used to like it during childhood days.

It might seem a little crazy trying it at this time, but it is one of the interesting and most effective ways of losing weight within a short duration.

Besides giving you the childhood nostalgia, jumping rope will offer you complete body workout and accelerate burning of fat in minutes.

However, you do not have to jump ropes for too long since the workout may be exhausting, especially if you exercise for long.

Additionally, you may have to practice for some time to master the skills and have fun when skipping rope.

The best approach is to begin by jumping for a short time, for instance, a minute and resting a minute.

As you get used to the jumping rope, you can increase the duration of workout gradually.

With time, you will be able to go for about ten minutes continuously.

When you attain this, ten minutes intervals can become the standard training interval after which you take a rest and restart again after a rest.

Be confident to take the first step and you will undoubtedly reap the benefits of the exercise.

  1. Taking high-intensity interval workouts


The best way to lose weight within a short duration is to perform HIIT.

This involves working out for a few minutes each time at a high intensity with shorter resting durations.

Fortunately, you can choose to perform high intensity workout anywhere with various workout machines.

For instance, you can choose to practice in the gym or at home with the right type of stationary bike like spinning bikes, skip rope or even run.

With high intensity interval training, cold weather is not an excuse for gaining weight due to failure to exercise regularly.

  1. Taking a walk

winter walk

Walking can help you lose fat and maintain standard weight even during the cold season.

Fortunately, unlike other workouts, almost everyone can take a walk.

Besides, you can choose to walk outside or indoors using the exercise devices.

If you wish to maximize the benefits, you need to walk with an incline.

Walking up a steep hill, going up the stairs and inclined slopes are great suggestions.

If the weather does not allow you to take a walk outdoor, try working out with a treadmill since most of them have adjustable features.

As you continue practicing, you can build up the incline and to a point of losing significant weight in a short duration.

  1. Spinning 


Probably you are wondering what is spinning if you have heard about it for the first time.

Spinning is not only an intense workout but also a source of fun.

High intensity spin workout routines that are fun are rare and therefore spinning becomes an excellent choice.

With a reliable stationary bike, you have an opportunity to control speed and resistance.

Unlike most workouts, you do not have to follow the performance of your instructor since different people exercise best at varied resistance levels.

During the first few times, your feet might ache until you get used to the workout.

  1. Rowing 

Best Rowing Machine Reviews

For good winter rowing, you need to purchase a rowing machine for your home or decide to visit the gym regularly.

However, the results are worth the investments and the efforts.

If you use it correctly, you will lose more weight than you can possibly do when running, walking, spinning or even skipping rope.

The results are amazing because rowing impacts on the entire body and unlike walking or running; it offers a high intensity workout.

Additionally, rowing is less straining to the knees.

You should start slow and continue building up the exercise.

If you are not comfortable with your rowing technique for the first few days, you can choose to watch music or watch as you exercise.

  1. CrossFit


What is crossFit?

This is a workout program that presents a selection of workouts and combines several of them to a single intense package.

With this program, you can combine a cardio workout with strength and Olympic lifts to meet your fitness objectives.

The program has the capacity to meet a variety of needs better than any other common workout program available.

  1. Swimming 


If you like swimming, and you do not have a nice indoor swimming pool; it is quite hard to exercise during winter unless you wish to die to pursue fitness goals.

For those with a warm pool in the residential area, swimming remains a perfect exercise.

Additionally, swimming can help a person burn approximately six hundred calories in an hour without having an impact on the joints.

However, you cannot prevent winter weight gain by lazing around in the pool.

You should swim fast in laps with little rest between laps.

Besides helping you lose weight winter swimming offers a great opportunity to enjoy fantastic moments alone or with your family.

  1. Jogging upstairs 

jogging upstairs

You can start using stairs and make it a routine exercise.

Though you may be living upstairs, you can use the StairMaster available at the gym.

If you have never heard of StairMaster, it looks like an escalator and has a loop that allows you to walk continuously.

You just have to keep a fast and steady pace since the machine will drop you off if you slow down or stand for long.

  1. Cardio circuit 

cardio circuit

You can apply different cardio workouts just like you would combine several exercises to increase the rate of burning fat.

A cardio circuit involves spending time with different workout equipment regularly.

You can choose to spend some minutes on the stationery bike, several minutes on treadmill and finish with the elliptical machine.

If you follow this trend over time, you are likely to lose weight in no time.

You can perform most of these exercises at the gym or even outside.

If the weather is not favorable or you wish to avoid the extra cost arising from gym membership subscription, you can choose to work out at home.

  1. Planking 


It is more than likely that you have heard about planking.

It is a workout that makes crunches fun.

Typically, the trainee holds himself up on toes and forearms and maintains the position for some time.

The good thing about prank is that anyone can perform it anywhere, another great cold weather weight loss method.

You may start with a minute and increase the time gradually for better results.

  1. Squatting


You can perform this exercise anywhere at least once every week.

They are excellent workouts that focus on shedding the lower body fat if you perform it correctly.

You should stand stretching your hands in front with legs shoulder-distance apart and start going down as if you want to sit on a chair.

When you stand, you my squeeze your butt since the exercise focuses on quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks.

  1. Bodyweight circuits


They are intense cardio circuits that you can perform without any exercise equipment.

Take several pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, burpees among others.

You can combine an as many as possible into a cycle of activities that will derive desirable results.

Undoubtedly, these workouts will promote weight loss and protect you from winter weight gain.

However, exercise is just one face of the coin, so you need to take the right food.

If you eat properly and exercise regularly, chances of maintaining good health and physical fitness are high.

The winter should not be the excuse to gain excessive weight.

Before you know it, summer will be with us again, and you will appreciate having a good body to visit the beach.

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  1. Great post! I’m currently at my weight loss journey as well – although I try to keep myself relatively skinny throughout the year, so it’s only just for a few periods! Thanks for being such a great motivation though:)

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