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Natural joint supplements for dogs to relieve pain and heal joint ache

Last updated on: June 28th, 2018

If your dog suffers from joint pains due to arthritis or any other joint disease, then you should give natural joint supplement for dogs a try. It doesn’t matter if your dog is healthy without any joint problems because with time it may suffer due to old age.

Joint problems among dogs are either degenerative or developmental, and they are all caused by inflammation. Although inflammation helps the body to heal from injury, if it goes unchecked in your dog’s body, it can cause or worsen joint problems. Inflammation releases dangerous antibodies that clear the joint lining or cartilage that lubricates their joints. When this happens to your dog, it may start to limp or find it hard to walk.

Once your dog suffers from joint ailments or pains, you may turn to your vet for pain medication. It’s always our first instinct to do whatever we can to ease the pains of our pets. The pain relievers given by vets for joint pain are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may stop or reduce the inflammation that brings joint problems but in return, they cause worse problems in other areas of your dog’s body. They can trigger or worsen gastrointestinal ailments, renal disease, and liver toxicity. So when you think you are easing your pet’s pain using synthetic anti-inflammatories, you are only shortening its lifespan or worsening the ailment you are trying to heal.


Since the benefits you get from using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are short-lived, and the drugs often make ailments worse, it’s a good idea to use natural joint supplements for dogs. They do not contain the chemicals that bring about kidney, liver and gastrointestinal problems because they are much gentler on your dog’s system than synthetic pain medication. Here are a few natural supplements you can give your dogs for joint pain relief.


1. Glucosamine for dogs

Best glucosamine for dogsGlucosamine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in your dog’s body but gets depleted in time. It forms the building blocks that make up the joints such as cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. All these combine to create healthy bones. Where your dog is already suffering from joint aches (like Hip Dysplasia) and pains due to illness such as arthritis, glucosamine can prevent further decay and repair what is already damaged.

There are foods you can feed your dog that contain glucosamine such as shellfish and animal bones. You can also purchase synthetic glucosamine, but it will not work as well as the natural joint supplements for dogs. Its advisable to buy natural glucosamine from health stores that sell natural supplements. When you top that up by feeding your dog glucosamine – rich foods, it will have a healing and soothing effect on your pet’s joint aches and ailments.


2. Turmeric for dogs

Best Turmeric Supplement for DogsAmong the many spices and herbs we have, turmeric is one with beneficial pain relieving properties. It contains a substance called curcumin that has anti-inflammatory properties. It will take away the stiffness and aches that your dog feels as a result of arthritis and other joint ailments.

You can give your dog turmeric supplement, but you can also make a turmeric cure of your own in your home. It involves mixing turmeric, black pepper and a healthy oil such as flaxseed oil or coconut oil to make something called golden paste.

It is essential to combine these ingredients because they make a potent anti-inflammatory for joint pain. The black pepper contains a substance called piperine that improves the absorption of the curcumin in turmeric in the body. The oil helps to combine both ingredients and allows the cure to enter the dog’s system without triggering any harsh stomach reactions.
You can also purchase natural turmeric supplements in capsule form for your dog. You can feed these capsules to your dog hidden in treats or foods of your choice such as beef patties. They will work wonders for your dog’s bone health.


3. Chondroitin joint supplement for dogs

There is another remedy for arthritis and bone problems that is often taken by humans. Its chondroitin and we often combine it with glucosamine for treatment of arthritis in humans. It is also a great natural supplement to use in dogs because it restores joint strength and helps the body to repair damaged cartilages. Therefore, it heals the damage that has already happened and then strengthens the joints against future damage from inflammation.

However, you must make sure that the chondroitin you give your dog is natural and not synthetic. The natural kind is made from the cartilage of animals and is much more potent and safer for your dog’s body than the synthetic type. You can get it by making bone broth and feeding your dog the broth often.

It’s easy to make bone broth; you need cartilage bones from animals to make it. Boil the bones in a pot with 3 tbsps of apple cider vinegar to help extract the chondroitin from within the bones. Boil the bones for a long time to get as many nutrients as you can from them. Feed your dog this bone broth often, and it will help relieve joint pain in your dog.

If preparing bone broth is too tedious a chore for you, then feed you dog chondroitin natural joint healing supplements combined with glucosamine for a potent cure. Regular use of this combination of natural supplements will provide your dog with pain relief and even halt the progression of bone ailments.


4. CBD Oil for joint pain relief

Best Turmeric Supplement for Dogs and PetsCannabidiol oil made from the marijuana plant is a great pain reliever for joint aches. It will not make your dog high, but it will reduce inflammation in your dog’s body which will lessen the ravaging effects of joint ailments in your pet. Also, it will stop other problems caused by premature aging.

Cannabidiol oil works so well because dogs just like humans have cannabinoid receptors that absorb the oil quickly. If the use of CBD oil is legal in your neck of the woods, then consider giving it to your dog as a potent pain reliever against arthritis and other joint ailments.


Other things you can do to heal or relieve joint aches in dogs

You can feed your dog natural joint healing supplements to relieve aches, and there are other things you can do to help your dog deal with bone ailments. These are:

1. Feeding your dog lots of anti-inflammatory foods

There are some anti-inflammatory foods you can feed your dog to reduce the aches and pains of joint disease. Some good examples are papaya and celery. Dogs love eating fruits and papaya is good for them. Also, you can use celery in the bone broth or shred it in beef mince for them. Avoid feeding your dog foods that trigger inflammation such as potatoes and peppers.

What is the best joint supplement?


2. Exercise your dog often

Any dog that doesn’t exercise will get fat, and this will lead to the eruption of lots of diseases in its body. So its good if you keep your dog active to help it maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise will also lift your dog’s disposition and strengthen the relationship between you and your pet.

Keep in mind that if your dog is suffering from joint problems, it will not be able to withstand long periods of exercise. So you have to schedule short exercise sessions with activities such as taking walks, running and playing catch among others and have them often to keep your dog healthy.


3. Get therapy for your dog

Like in people, an excellent physical therapy session can also work wonders for your dog to help relieve pain. A good dog groomer will advise you of a reputable animal care professional you can use. It can undergo acupuncture, hydrotherapy, laser therapy and gentle massages among other treatments that will reduce pain and inflammation in its joints.


Natural joint healing supplements are a great solution against joint ailments and aches in dogs. Instead of turning to synthetic drugs that may worsen your dog’s situation, choose natural supplements instead. Joint healing supplements for dogs are sold online or at your local health shop. So why not purchase some for your ailing dog today!

If your dog suffers from joint pains due to arthritis or any other joint disease, then you should give natural joint supplement for dogs a try. It doesn\'t matter if your dog is healthy without any joint problems because with time it may suffer due to old age. Read more...
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