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7 Bathroom Hazards And What To Do About Them

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

It is common knowledge that the bathroom is an area of revitalization and relaxation. Additionally, for a good number of people, it is a place of comfort and foremost the most favorite room in the house. Well everyone does love a rejuvenating bath after a long day’s work.

However, most households are unaware that the bathroom is also one of the most dangerous places since it is always in use.

bathingWhile this might come as a surprise, the primary reason for this is that every individual does a lot of activity in the bathroom from cleansing, shaving, relaxation and other actions done in the bathroom.

While you may want to be mindful of the hazards, most people are also not aware of the types of dangers that the damp environment, hard surfaces, drenched floor, scalding water and electrical appliances can cause within the bathroom.

Fortunately, our focus today will review some of the hazards that can cause trauma and what measures you can take to guarantee your bathroom remains active and is safe for the whole household.

1. Mold

Everyone craves for a warm and long shower, but this is a massive contributor to mold build-up within corners and crevices of the bathroom.

The steam from the shower often settles on the edges and condenses to form a mold dull, with a darken the appearance of the affected areas.

More often the mold tends to have allergic spores which are known to cause a variety of respiratory problems such as Asthma.

Symptoms of mold exposure could be different with others indicating nausea and migraines.

2. Burns

Apparently, the kitchen is not the only place you can get a burn as the bathroom is also a contender.

The number one element responsible for bathroom burns is often the excessive hot water.

Cases of scalding are not rare, and a good percentage of the population with heated showers can confess to experiencing such a situation once in a while.

As another ignored element within the bathroom, scalding can cause a severe burn to the skin from just a simple turn of the faucet to release the water.

All this can be avoided by using best thermostatic shower valves.

3. Toxins

The bathroom is also a bedrock of toxins, which can ultimately have an impact on the health of your family and mostly your kids.

The number one source of toxins within the bathroom are the cleaners and fresheners we often use.

While a distinct number of these products do help in keeping our bathrooms fresh and clean, there is also a source of harmful toxic elements within them.

Other sources of toxins are present in the water pipes in the form of lead.

After prolonged use, ducts often accumulate a layer of mineral deposits which often cause lead poisoning to the water.

4. Chemical Consumption

While we also get chemical exposure from the cleaners and fresheners, there are other alternatives from where we get into the direct contact with harmful chemicals.

It is apparent from research that some of the shampoos we use contain toxic elements such as formaldehyde that is well known to cause skin irritation and even allergic reactions.

Additionally, soaps have also been found to contain the ubiquitous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

The verdict is therefore open that a good number of our bath products do contaminate not only the environment but also our health.

5. Electric Shock

bathroom electric shockWhile the bathroom is mainly for showering, there are plenty of other activities as mentioned earlier that operate using electrical appliances.

If you are avid users of instruments such as hair dryers and razors, then there is good chance that you often leave these devices unattended in the bathroom.

That is a dire mistake as the appliance can fall in the water and ultimately cause fatal electrocution.

6. Slips and falls

bathrrom physical injuriesAs perhaps one of the most common causes of injuries in the shower, slips often happens when one is about to emerge from the shower or bath.

Additionally, getting injured through slips seems to effects every household, and part of the blame often lies with the injured individual.

However, a good factor that plays a role is the quality of your floor.

Depending on the design of your bathroom, there is a good chance there is a direct correlation with the number of injuries.

Therefore, it is wise to keep your floor design safe to the extent of preventing injuries and get best shower chair for elderly.

7. Germs And Bacteria

The bathroom is probably the leading haven of germs and all sorts of bacteria within the house.

The whiteness of the toilet bowl or bathtub might be mistaken for cleanliness, but bacteria is in real proximity.

While we often struggle to stick to cleaning and disinfect schedule on a regular basis, germs still manage to hide and can ultimately have a devastating effect on your health.

The bathroom structures are not the only sources of germs and bacteria.

Another element that exposes us to harmful bacteria in the bathroom floor and compartment.

We often carry out shaving and bathing activities but later on forget to clean up the hairballs, soap scum and other clutter.

What you can do about the bathroom hazards?

bathroom slip and fallHere are the tips you can apply to keep you on the safe side.

  • Use non-skid decals, rubber or wool bath mats to ensure a safe footing while emerging from the tub
  • Ensure all appliances are away from water and unplugged from the sockets after use
  • Properly ventilate and light your bathroom to eliminate mold growth
  • Sparingly use bath oils and soaps to prevent accumulation of scum which causes slipping
  • Use a water heater thermostat to ensure your water temperature is optimum for your bath
  • Install grip bars at strategic points of the bathroom
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning and bathing products
  • Avoid repulsive fragrances in your shampoos and soaps

While it is evident that the bathroom can be a dangerous place, this tips can make your bathroom a safer place, free from the burns, shocks, falls and other kinds of dangers.

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