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Rowing Machine Comparison With Other Fitness Equipment

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

A rowing machine, being part of many fitness equipment, has many roles in which it plays to your fitness and body workout. It is very different from the other fitness equipment in many ways and for the following reasons, one can see how rowing machines compare to other fitness equipment in different levels.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5There is much different fitness equipment which varies with the type of workout that you want to partake and the purpose why you want to work out as it varies from losing weight to staying fit.

The machines also depend on whether you want do work out from their homes or at the gym.

The various types of fitness equipment include the barbell, dumbbells, kettle bells, benches, cable machine, squat machine, treadmill, dipping bars, stability ball, roller, hammer strength, skipping ropes machines, wall ball, punching bags and the pec dec machine.

All these machines play a vital role in the fitness of your body provided they are used in the correct and proper way.

There is other smaller equipment that is also used in your fitness but is not that vital like the pushup bars, tires and using home furniture as part of various workouts.

When it comes to the best rowing machines, there are many types out there, and they majorly vary with their price, their portability and the place of use.

Some rowing machines like the Stamina avari programmable magnetic rower is more expensive than the stamina air rower because of the many added features that have been added to it.

Some rowers like the Sunny health and fitness rowing machine are best for home use only compared to the Velocity exercise magnetic rower who can serve both a gym and can be used at home.

The various types of rowing machines include;

  • Pro form 440R Rower
  • Velocity exercise magnetic rower
  • Kettler favorit rowing machine
  • Stamina air rower
  • Stamina conversion 2 recumbent bike/rower
  • Concept 2 model d indoor rowing machine
  • Water rower with natural rowing machine with s4 monitor

The different fitness equipment has different benefits to the body and economically but in the case of the row machines they have the following benefits:

  1. It enhances the cardiorespiratory system in that they enhance the lungs ability to provide oxygen to the blood and the rest of the body
  2. It also promotes a healthy body composition because it helps maintain a healthy body fat balance in the body. This due to the burning of fat when using it.
  3. It also promotes and enhances weight loss. This is usually visible to those people that have high-fat content in the body. This comes from burning the calories during the different exercises.
  4. Rowing machines also help build muscle strength which includes the triceps, quadriceps, and the leg muscles.
  5. As simple as the rowing machine looks it offers low impact exercises with high results. This is because it is unique in nature as it combines work on the large muscles as the small muscles also grow.
  6. It offers a full body exercise. Once one is seated on the rower, they are able to exercise on each and every muscle of their body directly or indirectly.

Although other fitness can produce the same result as the row machine, it is very unique in its own way in that this is one machine that offers all the results other fitness equipment offer when combined.

Below we will compare rowing machines against other fitness equipment and compare their pros and cons.

Rowing machine vs skipping ropes

The skipping rope is the most common fitness equipment in the gym and most widely used at homes.

This is because it is portable and very affordable to the general public.

Although it is very accessible, it offers a small variety of exercises as compared to the rowing machine.

The main focus of using a skipping rope is for weight loss, increasing speed and burning calories.

This is beneficial to the body, but when compared to using a rowing machine, the machine can achieve all these plus all other benefits in a lesser period than the skipping rope.

Therefore, as much as the skipping rope is cheaper and easily accessible, the row machine beats it to efficiency and effectiveness thus outweighing the usefulness of a skipping rope in both the long and short run.

Rowing machine vs the stationary bike

A stationary bike is no ordinary bike as it has one big wheel and pedals set to enhance one’s fitness.

It set to be used at home and in the gym.

The best upright stationary exercise bikes offer benefits like burning calories they cannot be compared to how much faster the rowing machine will work as it does it faster.

The stationary bike focuses on the legs and the lower body to work on the burning calories.

While the rowing machine incorporates both the upper and lower body muscles to do the burning of the calories.

This makes the rower a better machine for exercise as it also builds and strengthens the muscles which the bike cannot.

Rowing machine vs treadmill

ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i Exercise TreadmillThe treadmill is electrical fitness equipment which requires one to run for 15 minutes to one hour so as to achieve their desired purpose.

It is usually big in nature and can be used both at home and at the gym.

The treadmill is also a vital calorie burning equipment, but it requires high-intensity workout as the stationary bike for results.

It also puts a strain on the hips, knees and ankles which are a disadvantage compared to the row machines.

The best treadmill is also not affordable to all as it is very expensive and therefore the rowing machine comes in to be more useful.

The treadmill also does not help work on the upper body as its major focus is on the lower body.

Therefore, it cannot offer a full body workout one build muscles in the same way a rowing machine can.

The treadmill is also dangerous to use for those that do not know how to use it.

And it requires little training, unlike a rowing machine which is easy to use and does not require any guidance.

Rowing machine vs dipping machine

A dipping machine or a dip station is a combination of joined metals set to serve the purpose of different upper body workouts.

The dipping machine provides many health and fitness benefits especially to those wanting to build muscles and tone their bodies.

It usually focuses on one’s strength and power and includes exercises like chin ups pull ups and some abs exercises.

It majorly works on the upper body, and it is very effective.

Although it has many benefits, it cannot be compared to the rowing as the rowing machine incorporates what one can do with the dipping machine into one and much more.

The dipping machine requires one’s strength and power, and this means if one is weak they will either struggle or have a hard time.

Compared to the rowing machine it has assisted exercises for the upper body which do not require a lot of power and strength but achieve the same or more results as the dipping machine.

Therefore, even a weaker person can achieve far better results and not give up easily as compared to those that use the dipping machines.

Rowing machines also offer lower body exercises which the dipping machines do not offer.  And the dipping machine is more manual and so more tiresome.

Rowing machine vs cable machine

The cable is the only equipment that comes close to beating the rowing machine.

This is because the cable machine has various workouts for the body which includes the chest, the shoulders, the legs, the arms and the back.

It almost offers a full body workout, and therefore, it is very useful fitness wise.

The cable machine mostly focuses on muscle building and body toning on a wider scale.

The rowing machine can also offer a full body workout, enhance body tone and fitness but when compared to the cable machine, the cable machine beats it when it comes to serving those three purposes.

In the short run and in the long run the rowing machine will prove more useful than the cable machine in the following ways;

  • It is easier burning calories using a rowing machine than using the cable machine. As the cable machine focuses on one muscle at a time when carrying out an exercise unlike the rowing machine which incorporates all muscles at each exercise and this proves to be more effective to the body.
  • The cable machine is very big and has a high maintenance cost as compared to the rowing machine, and this makes it costlier.
  • The cable machine is way more expensive and therefore useful only for economic purposes as compared to the rowing machines.

To sum up, the rowing machine as far as the critics and reviews say it is the best fitness equipment that you can work with if you want to achieve the best results.

And even though it has some cons, its pros outweigh them which make it more useful and efficient compared to other fitness equipment.

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