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6 Simple Home Improvement Ideas For Summer

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

When summer finally comes around your lifestyle changes and so should your home. Here are some simple home improvement projects that will make a huge difference and mean that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the summer.

Home Improvement Ideas

Add New Soft Furnishings

If you choose to be daring and try something new you may want to change your soft furnishings to take your home improvement project that one step further. New cushions, curtains or new rug are relatively small changes that make a huge difference to a room and can create that desired summer atmosphere.

Even if you’ve not changed the color scheme, new soft furnishings can be used to your advantage. Why not try new blinds to help reduce the heat and provide you with a cool haven when the sun’s too hot to handle.

Organize the Garage

woman training at home on exercise bikeCreate a functional and organized space by decluttering your garage. This may be time and energy consuming but will be worth it when you can finally use your garage for the purpose that it was intended. Like riding your bike trainer 🙂

First of all, review what you have in your garage and only keep what you really need, what you don’t can be donated or recycled to create more space. There are many innovative storage options for you to explore such as shelving, cabinets and overhead racks that can help you create the look you want whilst practically maximizing the space you have.

It’s also useful to group items into categories so you never have to spend too much time searching for what you need again.


Nothing changes the look of a room more than a fresh lick of paint so why not try this simple project to overhaul the whole feel of a room. Prep is key when it comes to painting, if you don’t take the time at this stage you could end up with a messy job that no one will want to look at this summer. Use tape to mask off all the edges and cover all other surfaces.

Once the prep is done then comes the fun part- the painting. Use the same color to freshen up your room or be a little daring and try something bold and new.

Get Some Greenery

Renovate for a personal touchWhether you’re planting outside or bringing some greenery in it’s a perfect way to spruce up your home ready for summer. With the ever-changing summer weather, it’s important to look after your outdoor plants by keeping them well hydrated. Many often choose to invest in an irrigation system that takes the stress out of having a blossoming garden, this way you’re doing the watering without the worrying.

Shade also provides respite for delicate perennials so purchase a range of taller plants so they can look after the others. It’s also possible to be green fingered without outdoor space.

There’s a massive range of indoor plants that can prepare your home for the summer look without the price tag of maintaining a garden.

Repair and Prepare the Deck

With the sun on its way, there’s no a better time to prepare the deck ready for the regular BBQs and parties. The cold and harsh weather conditions during the winter months will have damaged the wood, but not beyond repair. Start creating your deck’s new lease of life by cleaning the surface. The best way to do this is with a stiff bristled brush, a hosepipe and lots of elbow grease- there’s always the option to use a pressure washer too.

Once the deck is prepared to apply wood stain generously with a brush and leave to dry- it will look as good as new. You can then add some potted plants or new outdoor furniture to complete the summer look.

Clear the Guttering

diy electricianNot the most exciting project to complete, but someone’s got to do it. Clearing the gutters can prevent blocked downpipes and leaks into your ceiling cavity so it’s recommended that you do this annually. It’s important to prepare your equipment before starting to make sure you don’t have to make any unnecessary trips up and down the ladder- safety first.

You’ll need a ladder, bucket, and brush to remove debris from the gutters. If this sounds a little difficult for you, you can always draft in the help from a professional.


Whether it’s getting down and dirty or enjoying a little interior design there are many ways in which you can make the most of the summer months to improve your home. These simple projects give you an idea about how to make a start so you can enjoy the rest of the summer months in your beautiful home.

I’m a seasoned Interior Designer whose innovation, keen eye for detail and creativity have all earned me the reputation as a reliable go-to professional. Over the course of a decade, I’ve garnered extensive industry experience, successfully designing hundreds of bathrooms along the way. Additionally, I hold an Interior Design Certificate from College of Architecture and Design in Newark, New Jersey. Outside of my profession, I have an avid interest in all things related to fitness and cryptocurrency. If you are looking for a competent expert who can help you renovate your living space, then feel free to contact me today.

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