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Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Owning a pet is one of the most gratifying things under the sun and more so if you own a dog. But owning a pet comes with a myriad of responsibilities and challenges too, as any dog owner will tell you.

Not everyone can afford or is willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get a company or agency to clean up their home every other week because of their messy, but delightful pet. That is what prompted the creation of this informative list where we’ll look at simple tips for cleaning up dog hair around your home without unnecessarily hurting your pocket or your love towards your furry friend(s).


Role of Tape

What about me hello wash meAny furry-pet owner always has stacks of tape stacked away because of how handy they are. Duct tape is essential for getting rid of dog hair from your furniture if you are strained on time or just really want to finally get rid of all the dog hair. It can also be used on clothes though keeping a lint roller around will also ensure you won’t be the talk of the office because of all the dog hair on your blazer. As a Bonus point, since we are on clothes, if your clothes have a lot of dog hair and by some chance you noticed it before the big meeting the next morning?  How you can quick get rid of all the pet hair from clothes?

Big tip: by putting the clothes in the dryer together with a dryer sheet and set it for 15 minutes and your clothes will be hair free.


Window Squeegee

This is in the top 3 list of things a dog owner should own before actually owning a dog. A window squeegee comes in handy for when your furry friend decides to turn your carpet into a shedding spot.

Use this inexpensive piece to remove unwanted dog hair from the carpet by rubbing over it a couple of times, and you will notice the pile of the said dog hair on the carpet just after a few swipes. It is a great way to maintain the carpets clean state before your next big vacuum. You can also use the window squeegee to get rid of paw prints in the window left there from the afternoon’s game of let’s bark at the neighbor’s cat.



My friend, get rid of my hairA vacuum is a dog owner’s best friend especially if (s) he owns a carpet. Vacuuming without this nifty trick that has been shared among dog owners for years will only leave you frustrated and probably a bit upset too but worry not as your carpet Is about to be dog hair free. Vacuum the carpet the first time, making sure that you vacuum in alternate directions with every sweep over a surface.

This loosens the embedded hairs that have probably been there a while. After this, you want to dampen your carpet slightly taking care not to overdo it because a damp carpet is not pleasant and might take too long to dry.

You can use an old hairspray bottle or an improvised one so as to make sure the carpet is not too wet. Have a rubber broom on standby and use it to lightly sweep the now loose dog hairs into a central position. How to vacuum dog hair from carpet? Vacuum the carpet once again, and voila, your carpet is now free of dog hair.

As a bonus point, you can eliminate dog odor from your carpet while you are at it by adding some baking soda to the mixture and letting it work its magic before vacuuming. There are also dog owners who have decided to buy carpets that match their dog’s hair in order to reduce the appearance of the dog hair on the carpet.


Rubber Gloves

The beauty of owning pets is how loyal they are and how much they make you feel special and true to their nature, this furry friend will want to sit where you sit and lay where you do. That is not very good for your furniture, unfortunately, but you have to live with their love.

There is, however, a quick and relatively easy way to get rid of dog hair from your furniture, couch, etc. by simply dampening a rubber glove and then running your hand over the furniture and you will realize that the glove will soon be covered in hair after only a few swipes. You are then to wash it off and repeat until you are satisfied with the results. If rubber gloves are not available, then a damp sponge will suffice and work just as well. Some dog owners swear by a microfiber cloth to get rid of dog hairs, but rubber gloves and damp sponges have been a tried and tested formula that works.


Dampened Mop

I love my homeIf you thought only carpet owners suffer the wrath of dog hair, then you are mistaken. Vinyl and or hardwood floors can be extremely messy if lined with dog hair that has not been cleaned for a period of time. Vacuuming is not a viable option seeing as the vacuum exhaust will just blow away dog hairs into other parts of the floor. This is counterproductive and takes too long. Instead, you should dampen a mop and then use it to clean hardwood or vinyl floors, and this gets the job done perfectly.

The only trick is not to use too much water or wood cleaning solution as this might turn out to be messy. As a bonus tip for any dog owner with wood floors, a Swiffer comes in handy and will make life much easier for you. Kitchen tiles can be cleaned using rubber rooms, and this can also work for the bathroom if your furry friend happens to make its way there too.


Dryer sheets

I am clean nowEvery part of the house is cleaned, and you are about to retire to bed only to realize that your bed sheets and the comforter are also covered in dog hair.

A dryer sheet comes in handy at times like this as you can get rid of dog hair quite easily by rubbing it over beddings and dog hairs will easily come right off. Dryer sheets also work for furniture, baseboards, and corners and if slightly dampened, a dryer sheet is a dog owner’s best friend.

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