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Sneaky Ways to Save Cash on Your Water Bill

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

If you ask most people water bill is one of the utility bills they could wish to get rid of at the end of every month. And whether you are contemplating on saving water for the sake of Mother Nature or your bank account, there are several ways to reduce the water bill in your home. Besides, there are far more demanding bills you should be worrying about such as all forms of property taxes and frequent accessory repairs.

Below is a detailed list of the most useful and creative ideas to help you reduce that pesky water bill.

Why don’t you start implementing some today and save yourself an over-expenditure headache?

Reduce those laundry days

laundryI know this can be hard at the start, especially if you can’t stand the sight of a pile of dirty laundry.

But, with time and with more cash to save on utility bills, you will find a substantial reason to slow it down.

Set aside a day or two in a week when you will be conducting laundry.

Through this, the washing machine will get a sufficient loading that would not only maximize the amount of water you use but also save on the electricity bill as well.

Think it as a way of killing two birds with one stone, and you would be glad to do it every time.

Also, don’t forget to run the drier back to back if you choose to use it during laundry.

Still, on laundry, you might also consider skipping the rinsing bit that usually takes up extra water.

Also, reducing the amount of detergent makes extra rinses more economical as it won’t take up a lot of water.

All in all, you should learn to avoid steps that aren’t a must.

Store your drinking water in the fridge

By storing bottles of water in the refrigerator, you ensure to get a cold drink, especially during summer without necessarily having to run the tap every time you need cold water.

You can also resort to using ice to cool down the temperature of room water.

The act might seem to have less impact at the beginning, but you will learn to appreciate the effects of every drop of water on your bill with time.

Remember more significant changes start with such small steps.

Watch that shower time

shower sistemWhile having a long bath in the shower at the start and end of the day is crucial to your well-being, it doesn’t necessarily mean, you have to misuse water as a resource.

You can still enjoy your shower time while saving on water usage if only you put your mind to it.

After all, change begins in mind.

Take time to switch the shower on and off as you lather and even scrub.

Making this part of your habit and spreading it to your whole family members will go a long way into saving you’re a significant amount of water.

Also, if you can, try to reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower.

Take prolonged baths only when necessary and well spaced-out to avoid wastage of water.

If you have young children, you might consider restricting their bathroom “water play” time.

You can also bathe them in pairs if they are of the same age group.

Couples can also have bath time together to minimize extra water use.

Warm up dishwashing water

Washing dishes can take up a lot of water especially if the food contains a lot of oil.

Therefore, warming up water in the microwave or stove can save you a lot of water.

However, you have to be cautious not to overheat it and burn yourself in the process.

Also, you might find it difficult to know precisely how much water you need to complete the task hence you have to exercise patience.

The good news, however, is that once you get the whole concept, you will become a pro and probably won’t go back to wasting water.

Teach this skill to other family members and the difference on your water bill will be noticeable.

It’s time to fix those leaks

Well, this tip might seem quite obvious to some of you, but the tricky part is in identifying the faulty faucet.

It’s even more complicated if it doesn’t make any sound.

If this happens to be the case, get the services of professional plumper as they tend to “smell” leaks from a distance.

It’s also advisable to make it a habit of replacing washer faucets after every few years to curb this issue, more especially if yours is an older home.

There is also this old method of adding food color to the toilet tank to identify any leaks.

Try it out as part of your leak investigating tactic.

Maximize the dishwasher

If dish hand washing isn’t your thing, then make sure to have a full load on your dishwasher.

The step ensures that you get to use less water on dishes than it’s when washing piece by piece hand.

You can, for instance, clean the whole day’s dishes at might before you go to sleep or store them for a day or two if you stay alone and don’t use up much.

However, if you can’t stand the sight of dirty utensils until the next dish filling moment, you better make use of step number four above.

Recheck those appliances

Sometimes, the problem with higher water bills starts with essential home appliances such as washers.

The aspect is more real if you are the type that doesn’t take up the time to check on the efficiency stickers during purchasing.

You could change your appliances if they have become less efficient or incorporate other water saving tips as already mentioned herein to tackle the issue.

However, getting new, WaterSense and Energy Star seal appliances is the best long-term sustainability solution.

Also, research reveals that front-loading washers use less water than their top-loading counterparts.

Place that into consideration as well during your shopping trip.

Enrich your garden with a composite pile

Garbage is part and parcel of every home.

And in an attempt to keep the place clean and spotless, most homeowners consider investing in garbage disposal units.

What they don’t know, however, is the fact that apart from these units being expensive to build, they also need lots of water to remain clean and operate correctly.

To save on this, you can decide to come up with a composite pile at one end of the compound.

Through this, you can save up on water as well as gain access to free manure for your garden.

Look at it as a double win; for yourself and the environment.

Save on that toilet flash

flowy curtainsYou must be thinking “this is impossible,” it isn’t.

There are several ways you can achieve this trick.

First, you can make use of a low-pressure toilet, like the ones popular in Europe or you can fill two bottles with sand or gravel and place them in the toilet tank.

The secret here lies in the bottle weight filling out space meant for water, in the real sense your toilet will need less water filling after every flash.

Consider washing your clothes in cold water

wash clothes in cold waterWell, this isn’t that bad.

After all, there are so many advantages that you can count.

First, your clothes will be as clean as you expect, you save on energy and water.

You might even retain your favorite attire’s color for a while with this simple trick.

There isn’t a reason as to why you shouldn’t try it out.

Sweeping is cleaning

There is this mentality that the only way to get a place clean is by the use of water.

While this carries some weight, you should consider alternating between the two.

Also, sweep before you mop as it eliminates dirt thus you get to use less water in the whole cleaning process.

Store rainwater

save rain waterSome people think that rain comes down with lots of dirt hence isn’t good for anything.

If you have a proper installation of collection pipes, then you don’t have to worry.

Even if you might not want to use for drinking or cooking, you can use it for laundry and other compound cleaning duties.

Save the swimming pool water

Most homeowners with a swimming pool or portable hot tubs can attest that this is one area of the homes that take up a lot of water.

And regardless of how much ready you are for this, a little effort to saving on water loss is a great move.

Therefore, you should consider covering your pool especially on those days you are too busy for frequent swims.

The step is to help with the issue of evaporation that can consume large junks of water on a daily basis.

Insulate those water pipes

Spare some time and visit the nearby hardware store and get pipe-like foams.

You can tape them to your water pipes to help in heating up your water within a shorter period.

You also save water as you wouldn’t have to wait for long for it to heat.

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