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Should You Use Stationary Bike for Weight Loss?

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

A stationary bike is an excellent equipment, if you wish to lose weight without any troubles. Besides supporting a powerful workout, it is convenient is every aspect since it allows you to choose the level of challenge. Additionally, it offers a low-impact exercise that reduces the impact on the joints.

When I was young, my next door neighbor weighed almost 300lbs. Although he never seemed to care about his excessive weight gain previously, he had to make the hard decision of getting in shape when his wife decided to leave him.

Our home was in a remote setting, and since he was spending most of the time in the workplace, he chose to use a stationary bike for routine workouts at home in order to lose the excessive weight.

Apart from undertaking regular workout, he changed his dietary habits, ate well and lowered the rate of calories intake. Daily bike riding and the effective dietary changes had a tremendous effect on his weight within a short duration.

The combination of the dietary and workout efforts complemented each other helping him achieve the target outcomes.

That neighbor was quite wealthy. He was a director of a medium sized firm, had a big car, house, and respectable job.

Even though he could have bought the most expensive exercise bike on the market, he chose to purchase the cheapest model which could cost two hundred dollars or less.

How to lose weight

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage BarThe neighbor rode his bike every day consistently without missing even a single day.

By then I was a university student and knew only a few things about workouts.

I had to leave home for school during summer and took about nine months away from home.

As you can guess, I was very shocked to realize the incredible results when I went back home.

My neighbor came to our place to collect something, and I happened to answer his door knock.

I could not recognize him. I had to discuss this with him, and he revealed that he had reduced weight to 130lbs.

He had successfully halved the weight through a regular workout using a stationary bike.

Even though this is an excellent way to lose weight, most people would not go for it or recommend it.

It is crucial to note that even if you can lose up to two pounds in a week; this is not a safe approach to weight management.

If a person loses several pounds within a short period, his or her body gets it into a starvation mode.

The body tends to burn fat and the muscles and cause significant strain on the heart due to the sudden changes.

Do I just need to use a stationary bike to lose weight?

You have to combine spinning on spin bikes with a low-calorie diet to lose weight significantly.

It will only require a little commitment and discipline to eat healthily.

For effective results, you need to ensure you consume foodstuffs with calories below 2000 for men and 1500 for a woman.

Maintaining low intake of calories may be a challenging task, and thus, you might need to cut out sugary foods, sodas, and frequent unhealthy cravings.

Again, you have to take a light breakfast, lunch with low carbohydrate content and a low-calories evening dinner.

If you observe this, you will begin to realize the fruits of your commitment shortly.

The ‘fat-burning’ zone

One of the key concerns that most my clients raise is whether they need to work on the “fat burning” zone to lose a substantial amount of weight while utilizing cardiovascular workout equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers.

Typically, the fat burning zone ranges between fifty-five and seventy percent of a person’s maximum heart rate (your maximum heart rate is 220 beats per minute less your current age).

I will answer this question by highlighting various facts that will enhance your understanding of workout equipment and weight loss.


# 1. Fat-burning zone

The design and effectiveness of the fat-burning zone is a gross misinterpretation or a myth.

It borrows from a misunderstanding of human psychology.

#2. Calories Burned

When you perform the workout, you certainly consume more calories than when you are relaxing.

This concept should be easy to understand. The energy required to complete the exercise has to come from sugars and fats as the two primary sources of energy.

While sugars exist in the form of glycogen in the liver and the muscles, the fats exist in the form of fatty acids common in the fat cells and the blood.

During a workout, a person utilizes to get sufficient energy for the entire workout session.

The relative proportion of the sugars and fats is dependent on the intensity of the training, exercise duration, and individual factors.

Nevertheless, all these do not matter much since it just tells you the source of the energy for the workout.

You certainly need to consider what takes place during the rest of the day.

Besides the exercise session, you have to decide on the how to make good use of about twenty-three hours each day since how you spend your day will affect the outcome.

#3. Losing weight is more than just exercise

It is quite hard to lose weight through exercise only.

A regular workout for weight loss is effective when you make proper dietary changes.

You should aim at burning a high number of calories for maximum weight loss.

The best approach is to exercise for extended periods at moderate intensity.

Unfortunately, no one wants to spend much time on spinning exercise routines.

#4. Higher intensity delivers better results

Assuming you set specific workout duration, you can increase the rate of burning calories only if you train at a higher intensity.

#5. Best results entail combining higher intensity with rest duration

If you choose to work at a higher intensity, you will also burn many calories after the workout.

Post-exercise thermogenesis often results in a high-calorie burn for hours after a workout session.

Therefore, alternating high-intensity workouts sessions and rest periods at a lower intensity level will enhance the outcome.

#6. High intensity means higher fat burn rate

Working at high intensity will not only increase the rate of burning calories but also make you physically fit.

Healthy individuals should, therefore, workout at a value between seventy and eighty-five of the highest possible heart rate.

So what happened to my neighbor?

Well, after losing the excessive weight within such a short time, this man had to undergo an operation to deal with the loose skin.

He was keen to manage his weight and through diet and regular training with the stationary bike and in the end got married again.

So, he finally enjoyed the fruits of his weight loss efforts through routine spin bike workouts and paying little attention to the diet through eating sensible meals.

Eat Right

eat rightIf you stick to the workout for long, you can lose a high amount of weight.

However, the results will depend on some other factors including other activities and the diet.

For effective weight loss, one must burn more calories than he or she consumes.

If you consume foods supplying daily calories requirements, the calories you burn while cycling will result in weight loss.

Burn Calories

The rate of burning calories depends on several factors.

With all factors remaining constant, heavier people burn more calories than the light ones.

The intensity of the workout also affects the rate of burning calories.

Typically, you lose approximately 1 pound when you burn about 3,500 calories you burn and hence, forty minutes of routine workout will result in loss of 1 pound in a week.

Interval Training

Consider interval training when using exercise bikes to ensure you lose the maximum amount of weight.

Interval training entails alternating low and high-intensity exercise sessions.

The high-intensity training should be near your maximum training effort while the lower course can vary between forty and fifty percent of the high training level.

Apart from improving the rate of burning calories, interval training enhances the one’s aerobic capacity such the trainer can perform better in the future.

Losing Weight Safely

A slow but steady rate of weight loss is much healthier than trying to cut a huge percentage of weight within a short period.

You should realize that losing about ten pounds in a month is safer and sustainable than losing the same figure within a week.

However, if you are obese, you are likely to lose a significant percentage of weight within the first few weeks due to loss of water weight.

Later, you will tend to lose weight at a slow rate which is a healthy option if you are consistent in your regular workout.


A stationary bike is an ideal equipment if you wish to lose excessive weight without the adverse effect on the joints.

The exercise bikes come with varied designs to meet the needs of various users while reducing the risk of injury.

If you observe all these tips, ideas and suggestions, you are likely to achieve your health and fitness goals.

You only have to purchase the best exercise bike for your needs and makes efforts to use it on a daily basis.

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