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Steps You Need To Follow In Your Vertical Climber Exercise Plan

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

You must be wondering how to make the best use out of your new maxi vertical climber. Don’t worry; this thought strikes almost everyone who is using the machine for the very first time. However, to know how you can get a toned, slim body with the maxi climber; you need to understand the maxi climber exercise plan.

The exercise plan answers how many times you need to use the machine and for how long each session needs to be. Though exercise plan can vary from person to person, the typical exercise plan for a starter is 10-minute workout thrice a week.

So, it’s time to review your maxi climber exercise plan and follow it with full dedication. Here are 5 best tips that will help you to follow your maxi climber exercise plan strictly.

Be Regular

vertical climbing machine featuresObviously, it isn’t enough just to workout with the vertical climber once a week. You need to invest your time regularly for exercising with the training equipment to build beautiful looking muscles. You can start slow in the beginning, and increase the frequency of workouts per week over time. Rest is also important as this is the time when your muscles will get enough time to relax and get buffed up for the next session.

Most manufacturers recommend using the machine thrice a week. Instead of having all of them in consecutive days, you can make an exercise plan which allows rest. Like leaving one day for rest after each workout session. If you’re new to working with the vertical climber, then you might also try to split the time duration of each session into 2, and then go for six days/week. It entirely depends on you.

As you progress with the machine, you can increase the timing of your duration and also the number of times you do them in a week. Simply follow your body. If you’re feeling drained and sore after the workout, then decrease the frequency and if you feel unsatisfied with the number of times you do it in a week, simply let the counter increase.

In any case, remember regularity is important.

Invest Time

maxi climber reviewsTypically, a maxi climber exercise plan suggests running a 10-minute workout during each session. This totals up to 30 minutes per week.

Though 10 minutes might not seem any big deal, remember that we’re talking about full body workout here. In the starting, it might be even difficult to pull out those 10 minutes while keeping up the minimum pace without a break.

Remember, you will get exactly what you put in your effort. A slower pace than the minimum or taking breaks during the 10-minute session will not be much helpful. You will not be getting exactly what you will be hoping for.

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the pace, you can add some buildup exercises to your training regime first. This will help you to build all the endurance and strength that you’ll require in those 10-minutes.

As you’ll become more and more adapt to the 10-minute session, you can increase the time in small increments such as 30 or 45 seconds.

Add Weight

weight vestAfter some regular training with the machine, you’ll become more comfortable with the workout session. You’ll feel it much easier to complete the three 10-minute full body workout sessions each week. When it happens, it’s time to add an extra pile to the workout that will help you to take your fitness standard to a whole new level. Start this by adding weight.

You can make your maxi climber exercise plan more efficient by adding weight. As the core principle of the training unit is to use your body weight’s resistance to strengthen your arms, legs and core muscles, you can increase weight in these areas. By adding a little additional weight to your ankles, upper body and wrists; you can effectively take your training above the basic level.

Be careful, though, as you should not exceed the weight limit of the machine. Also, don’t pressurize your body. If you’ve added weight and you start to feel very much uncomfortable, remove some of it.

A Little Overtime

faster resultsYou can make more of your training with vertical climber by lengthening your workout sessions. Step by step, you can add time to your full body workout with the equipment. You can either plan to work out twice on the scheduled day or increase the duration of a single exercise session.

A full 1-hour workout with the vertical climber can burn up to more than 500 calories. However, you can’t jump straight to 1 hour from 10-minute session. Increase the time duration little by little.

First, make it 20-minute, then 30-minute and then move all the way to have a full 60-minute workout.

Alternate Speed

High-intensity interval training can significantly improve cardiovascular health. You can improve your heart rate by providing alternate speed patterns. On the one hand, you can run through rapid movements with short strides, and slow rapid movements with extended strides on another.

With such type of exercise, you can prepare your body for long, intense workouts. Also, alternate interval training is the best way to raise your cardiovascular fitness standard. Even just by rotating the stride length from session to session, it can provide you with incredible fitness benefits. This can help you considerably improve the toning of your lower body muscles.


A maxi climber exercise plan can be personalized to suit the specific requirements of a user. This depends on the current physical fitness standard of the person and the effort that he/she is willing to put into the workout. Also, understanding how to use the machine will significantly enhance your experience with the equipment.

There are several maxi climber models out there. Choosing the best one for you also plays a significant role in upgrading your fitness level. Hence, you need to understand all the aspects of a maxi vertical climber to figure out what serves best for your purpose.

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