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The Garden Gatekeeper – A Guide to Choosing Gardening Supplies

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Garden envy is a very real condition, and chances are you suffer from this affliction. Nothing worse than pulling up to your friends house to see a glorious garden awaiting. When it comes to the garden, most people know the basics but fail to equip themselves with the right supplies that will graduate them to a green thumb.

gardening suppliesDon’t just buy what you think you need, but select supplies that will allow your garden to thrive and actually reduce your time spent maintaining it.

Here’s our lineup of garden supplies worth investing in:

Irrigation needs

The tried and true hose has been keeping gardens healthy for just about a century. But it isn’t the most efficient way to keep your garden hydrated, and it can chew into your free time quite a bit. The advancements in irrigation supplies have been booming all over the world, quickly integrated into residential and commercial properties who want to have lush gardens year round.

There isn’t one type of irrigation system, so what you see at the golf course may be completely different to what you could have in your very own home. If you are sick of being welcomed home by a brown garden that is dryer than the Sahara, consider an irrigation system.

Landscaping tools

Does your front and back look more jungle than garden? Don’t worry, you are in good company. The climates in Australia are incredibly indecisive, which can make it hard to know how often you should be landscape designing and almost impossible to predict how fast and slow your garden will grow.

First things first, you need to select the right landscaping tools. Quality tools will half your time in the garden and reduce the risk of doing irreversible damage to good roots and natural shape. Depending on your garden, you can implement a mix of power-operated tools as well as your basic hand-held tools. Hedge trimmers and shearers will give you what you need to form the shape of your garden, and when you build a shape you can use finer tools to perfect the shape. Check Landscaping Brisbane for more info.

Natural soil

It can feel like Groundhog day sometimes when all you do is plant new life, only to find no new sprouts at all. If you are equipped with the right tools and have done your research on the plants you are planting, and still no growth? It may be your soil type.

All soil is not made equal, there are so many different variations that are created for different pH levels, environments, and purposes. Do a bit of digging into what your natural garden soil is like, and if it is the cause of stunted growth. Mulch and manure are generally good at giving your garden a kick-start, stimulating garden growth and new life.

Tailor to your garden

There is value in seeking expert advice on the flow of your garden, to find out any ways you can maximize growth and the visual aesthetic of your garden. Magazines and blogs are fantastic for giving you ideas, but if these are not conducive with your location and garden design – they will only remain ideas.

Have a preliminary discussion with an expert, so that you can then find the right garden supplies to make your garden bloom.

There is no greater joy than seeing your garden flourish. When the grass is green, the shrubs full, and your flowers flowering – it can make your home look picture perfect. Achieving a thriving garden will only be possible with the right tools, so start looking around at what is out there and how you can utilize them.

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  1. What a great Blog! Using great equipment we can grow more greeny grass in the garden, Lawn care is an essential part of gardening.

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