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6 Tips You Should Know Before Buying your First Treadmill

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Not everyone is lucky enough to go outside and run whenever they want. Bad weather, unsafe neighborhoods and child care are just three of many reasons people decide not to go running. With the invention of treadmills however, it’s easier than ever to stay in shape, even if you can’t go outside.

Originally, treadmills were made in 1818 for those who were in prison, and were a means of cheap labor. When someone stepped onto the “tread-wheel,” as they were originally called, their own weight would begin to move that will, and the unit would start crushing grain or pumping water.

The same system is used today on treadmills – only instead of crushing grain, they would be crushing fat. And considering that gym memberships are fairly expensive, more and more people are considering the purchase of their own treadmill – but often without having the right considerations in mind.

Here are the five tips you should keep in mind before buying a treadmill.

1.      Set Your Budget

Treadmills have become fairly popular the last two decades, for private use as well as for gyms, and they can be found at about every price. You can find them at as little as $300 – or as much as $8,000. And this will not include the warranties and taxes – which can make the price really high.

Therefore, before buying a treadmill, think about exactly how much you are willing to spend on this purchase – and do it before you even begin searching. Examine how much you pay on a gym membership, and ask yourself this question: is it worth it?

You can only consider the treadmill a good investment if it starts paying for itself. However, if you buy an expensive treadmill with many benefits that you don’t even use, you might want to stick with the occasional gym membership.

2.     Shop Around Properly

You should make at least two visits to the store and test the unit that you are planning to buy at least once before buying it. Ideally, you may also want to make note of the features – and looking for competitive prices on the same product type somewhere else.

If you find the product at the right shop, you may get a fairly good discount. Your bank account will certainly thank you if you do some research before you swipe your card.

3.     Think of the Placement

Before purchasing a treadmill, think about the most important issue: where exactly are you going to be placing it? Sure, you might think that you have enough space in your room – but there are a few pitfalls to avoid. And if you discover that the perfect space that you had for it is not so perfect anymore, that might be slightly inconvenient.

You don’t want to be moving that thing twice – so make sure that you measure the space where you are planning to put it. Do you have to rearrange the furniture in order to place it? Will you even be able to move around the same in the room after this happens?

For some people, this might lead to a regretful purchase. Many treadmills end up in the garage or the backyard simply because the location just wasn’t the right one. If the spare bedroom gets repurposed, you might realize you can no longer keep the treadmill there.

4.    Understand Your Medical Condition

Treadmills come in a fairly wide variety, and it is crucial that you understand your medical situation first – before making any purchase first. For example, if you have problems with your lower back, you might want to go for something with a shock absorption belt – just to make sure that the problem won’t be made any worse.

Most of that information can be found online, but you may also talk with your doctor or your fitness expert. They will be able to give you the advice that you need in order for you to actually make the right decision for your health.

5.     Keep the Warranties in Mind

Most treadmills run on electricity – or, at least, the good ones do. This meant that like every electronic item, a treadmill is also likely to have a warranty associated with it. This will cover you in the event of breakdowns, premature wear and tear, and many other things that were not supposed to happen.

Treadmills can be very expensive – so it’s very important that you get a warranty that will actually protect your investment. Some warranties can cover a period of 30 days – whereas others can go as far as an entire year. Not many people are phased by all the stuff within the warranty – but if it’s a relatively expensive unit, you should certainly give it a thought.

The longer the warranty, the more expensive it might be. However, if the treadmill is prone to damage, that long warranty might actually keep your investment safe. Just make sure that the clauses within the warranty actually cover the issues of your concern.

6.    Check the Resale Value

Regardless if you are trying to buy a treadmill or to sell it, you might want to check the resale value beforehand. First, you might actually find a better-priced second-hand product from someone who realized aerobics is not their cup of tea.

Second, you might actually realize aerobics is not your cup of tea either. So if the average resale is much lower than the initial purchase price, you might actually lose a fair amount of cash in this.

Do some researching on the market while remembering that an interested buyer will rarely pay the full price for used goods. However, if the resale price goes too low, then you might be losing more money – something which could have been prevented by buying a different model.

Final Thoughts

Finding a treadmill is not as easy as it seems. Considering that this is a fairly costly item, you need to ensure that the one you buy is just right for you. So, to help you with your quest, we created a detailed buying guide. You don’t want to buy a treadmill only to leave it unused in the garage – so make sure that your investment is worth it.


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