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Tips for cycle touring with a dog

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

You need tips for cycle touring with a dog if you are planning to go on a fun road trip with your pet. Cycle touring as the name suggests means going on a tour of an interesting place using a bike.

Touring new places using a bicycle as your means of transport is one of the cheapest, yet fun vacations you can experience. You get to explore various sites and sounds at your pace. It’s much better than rushing from one tourist site to another on a tour bus with no time to explore things at your leisure.

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You also get to experience nature and the outdoors on a personal level during bike tours. While you enjoy the new sites and sounds, you get to exercise and keep fit on your bike. When you get home after a bike tour, you will be fit and rejuvenated after spending time in the outdoors.

The other great thing about bike touring is that you can bring your dog along for the ride. Dogs are fun to be with as they rarely sulk and are ready for adventures. The more exciting, the better for them. That’s why we call them man’s best friend.


Dog travel tips for cycle touring with your dog

While cycle touring with a dog is a great adventure, it needs careful preparation. Your dog cannot make arrangements for its needs, so you have to do it. Here are a couple of things you should prepare in advance for your cycle tour with your dog.

1. Means of transport

When it comes to tips for cycle touring with your dog, one thing you cannot ignore is transport. Ask yourself, how are you and your dog going to get to your vacation spot. If it is a far off place, then you must make sure that you get relevant permits, vaccinations and air tickets for the trip.

Keep in mind that many airlines do not allow pets to ride in the cabin unless its an emotion support animal. The same applies to lots of bus companies and trains. Most transport services prefer pet animals to ride in secure crates or pet carriers, while others do not allow animals on board at all.

2. Proper accommodation

Often, people on cycle tours prefer to camp in the outdoors. Camping adds to the charm and fun of cycling during a vacation. It allows you to interact with nature and your surroundings. You can also camp with your dog without any problems.

When camping, you can sleep with your dog in your tent. However, rough living, cycling on the road, and camping can take its toll on anyone. At some point during your trip, you will need to check into a cozy hotel or inn.

When it comes to hotels or inns, its good to plan and book rooms in a place where they love dogs. Most tourist accommodation spots will accept a dog as long as it is well behaved. The trick is to research and make bookings beforehand so that you are sure of a room when you need it.


Dog equipment tips for cycle touring with a dog

You know what you need for your cycling tour but who is going to pack for your dog? The answer is you! As the dog owner, you are aware of your pets needs and can adequately pack for it. Most of what you need is dog equipment for travel to make your dog’s life more comfortable on the road.


Some of the things you should carry for your cycle tour are:

1. Dog bike trailer

A dog bike trailer is a great asset during a cycle tour. It is a buggy you attach to your bike in which to transport your dog. Most dog trailers can zip up and protect your dog from the elements during your road trip.

Using a dog bike trailer will save your dog from exhaustion if you are going on a long trip. It also allows you to cover a longer distance than if you let your dog run alongside your bike while on a leash.

A good dog bike trailer should have sturdy wheels and a firm base and frame. It should also have a great cover that you can use to protect your dog from too much sun during your trip.

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Make sure the dog trailer is comfy inside by adding your dog’s favorite toy and blanket. It should be clean and safe with a harness seat belt to restrain your dog. Its safe to keep a dog in a harness to prevent it from running off during the bike ride.

Make sure you train your dog to use the trailer properly. Do not leave for a bike tour with your dog if you are not confident the dog loves the dog bike trailer and has learned to use it appropriately.


2. Bike Leash

You need a bike leash to use on your dog when it walks or runs along your bike. It comes in handy because you will not carry your dog in the dog trailer throughout the trip. Your dog needs exercise and letting it run or walk beside your bike as you cycle is a perfect way to get it.

An excellent leash to use is one that is compatible with your bike and adjustable so that you can adjust the length as you desire. The bike leash should be made of sturdy material and able to attach on any side of your bike. A tow leash is excellent for dogs as it prevents any falls since it helps you to keep an eye on your dog at all times and to guide it on any direction changes.


3. Dog stroller

During your cycle tour, you will end up in places where you cannot bring a dog on a leash or dog trailer. It happens a lot in public places such as airports, train, and bus terminals. A great thing to have at such a time is a dog stroller.

A dog stroller will allow you to wheel your dog into areas that dogs cannot access on a leash. It can also come in handy when exploring the town during your rest periods in a hotel or inn. In case your dog gets injured, you will find that a stroller is a great tool to use when moving it from place to place.

The good thing is that you can buy a great stroller that folds up and is easy to carry. It will make it easy to move the stroller around during your trip. Many dog bike trailers have a stroller attachment, so it will be easy to carry on the road.


4. Protective dog clothes

Koryssa risteenYou can carry some protective clothing for your dog to use during the bicycle tour. One protective dog gear to bring is a dog cooling coat. You can put it on your pet when it gets too hot during your outdoor adventures.

You can also bring a dog drying coat that will help your pet dry off when it gets wet during your road trips. Good drying coats are made of microfiber toweling to dry off the dog and get it warm quickly to avoid illness.

You can also buy your dog protective dog boots. When traveling over long distances, your dog’s paws can easily get hurt from walking too much. Dog boots help to protect its feet from hot pavements and rough roads during your trip when you allow it to walk or run beside the bike.

You also need a dog harness for your bike riding tour. It helps to secure the bike leash to your dog during the ride. A no-pull harness is better than using a regular dog collar for your dog. Attach it to your bike leash, and your dog will run comfortably beside you as you cycle.

These are dog items you need for your bicycle tour with your dog. Make sure you bring some toys and treats for your dog to keep it happy during the trip. It’s also a good idea to carry some extra bags of dog food, and collapsible food and drink containers for your dog to eat and drink from during the trip as well.


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These tips for cycle touring with a dog will help you enjoy your vacation with your pet. Traveling with your dog can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Do it often to make lasting memories with your beloved pet.

Cycle touring as the name suggests means going on a tour of an interesting place using a bike...read more in article on our website.
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  1. Thank you for pointing out number one! I lot of people do not know this, seriously! When I was much, much younger and was going to book my first flight, I was shocked that I couldn’t bring my dog unless he was in a crate with the luggage! No way! My dog is like one of my family, we travel by car or we don’t go. He has to come with us! Great post, thanks

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