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Tips: How to wash your dog’s bed?

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

You need to know how to wash your dog’s bed if you have one. Dogs are lovely creatures, but they are not clean. They will get into anything, eat anything and splash anywhere as long as it feels right to them. When they are through, they will have bits and pieces of anything that sticks on them, and smell awful. Then they will bound into the house, lick you, rub against furniture and at the end of the day snooze off in their dog beds for large dogs without a care in the world.

It is up to you to keep your dog and everything around it clean because unlike dogs they don’t care about hygiene. An excellent place to start is to wash your dog’s bed. Dog beds collect a lot of dirt, and many people do not clean them regularly. Think about it – you clean your house often; vacuuming up dog hairs, mopping floors and fumigating where necessary. So why not do the same for your beloved pet as well.

Many dog owners wash their pups often but unfortunately, while doing all this cleaning, the dog beds, dog toys, comfort blankets and other accessories used by their pet are ignored. In the process, they collect a lot of germs, dirt and in worst cases fleas, ticks and other dangerous insects. It’s time to start washing our dog beds for large dogs and other dog accessories for their benefit and ours.

There are different types of dog beds. We have one piece dog beds, beds with covers, foam beds, waterproof beds and more. You cannot use the same formula to wash all dogs beds. For example, the way you clean a one-piece dog bed is not the same way you will clean a bed with a removable cover. Let me give you tips on how to clean some of the popular pet beds in the market.


Things to do before you wash your dog’s bed

Before you clean a pet bed, there are a few things you should do. First, dust, shake and brush off loose dirt and other debris from the bed. Do it outside the home so that you do not spread the dirt all over your house. You can then vacuum it to get rid of any dog hairs and other loose dirt sticking to it.

You should remove any stains first before you clean a pet bed. Remove each stain depending on the stain removal method that works to get rid of it. Also, it’s a good idea to pre-soak the pet bed before washing it. It will loosen the dirt for you to make it easy to clean later.

Soak the bed in hot water with a pest-killing substance such as white vinegar or commercial pest cleaner and some mild detergent. It will get rid of any unhatched pest eggs, all while loosening dirt, dust and any other unwanted substances.


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Information to follow when washing a dog bed

1. Use instructions

Most dog beds for large dogs have a tag on them with instructions telling you how to clean them. It’s a good idea to look at the tags when buying a dog bed to get one that is suitable for you. If you want a dog bed you can machine wash; then you need to buy a size that will fit in it.

When you are washing the doggy bed, check the tag that tells you how to clean it. Some will tell you not to use strong detergents, and others will recommend air drying and so on. There are always instructions on how to wash your dog’s bed in a tag attached to it. It’s up to you to follow the instructions to ensure you do it correctly.


2. Use gentle washing products

In a rush to remove stains, bad odor, and dirt from dog beds; many dog owners end up using harsh cleaning products. While these products will clean out all dirt and germs from the dog bed, they may irritate your dog’s skin. Some products may even reduce the lifespan of your dog’s bed as they destroy the fabric. So choose gentle products to wash your dog’s bed always.

A few examples of gentle cleaning substance for dog beds are in your kitchen cabinet. For example, white vinegar in water is an excellent cleaning substance to use. Combine white vinegar with hot water, and you will get rid of all sorts of germs and dirt from a dog bed.

You can add a few drops of gentle washing liquid in the vinegar and hot water mix to make the cleaning solution more powerful. Soak the dog bed for a few minutes, rinse it and it will be as good as new and will not irritate your dog or cause any allergic reactions.

Use baking soda to clean waterproof dog beds. Spread a bit over the dog bed, let it set and then vacuum out any dust and germs out. Next, you can make a paste with some salt or mild dish washing soap and use a sponge to spread it all over the dog bed. Scrub the bed and use hot water to rinse off all the baking soda paste, then dry out your dog bed.

A significant result of this wash is that baking soda removes stinky odor too which is always a problem with dog beds. You can also mix baking soda with lemon juice to clean your dog bed. Make sure you wash it off to keep it from bleaching the bed.


3. High temperatures

You should clean any pet bed in water of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill pests and germs. You must also rinse out the beds thoroughly to get out any soap and other cleaning substances completely. When drying out beds, you also need to use the highest temperature possible in your dryer. If you are air drying, then make sure you leave the dog bed out in the hot sun until it dries out completely.


4. Buy products made to wash pet beds

Instead of choosing regular cleaning products, you can shop for products from the pet store that are made specially to clean pet beds. They make excellent pet bed cleansers that are not abrasive and also will not irritate your dog’s skin so try one.


5. Wear gloves and wash your pet’s bed often

Lastly, you never know where your dog has been, and what it brought home, so use gloves when cleaning out the bed. Make sure you clean your dog, and its bed often to ensure you keep dirt, germs, and fleas as well as other harmful insects out of your home.

After you wash the dog beds, it’s a good idea to bath your dogs and treat them for fleas and other insects so that they don’t bring the dirt back to the clean beds. Also, wash other accessories at the same time such as comfort blankets, chew toys and cuddly toys. If your pet sleeps in a dog crate (also read more about How Much Do Dogs Need to Sleep?), it’s a good idea to wash it and disinfect it too.


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These are tips on how to wash your dog’s bed that you can use to keep your pets sleeping area clean. Washing a dog, its accessories and its sleeping area is an excellent way to keep it clean and keep germs, pests and other kinds of debris out of your home. Do it often, and your pet, your home, and everyone that lives in it will be better for it.

You need to know how to wash your dog\'s bed if you have one. Dogs are lovely creatures, but they are not clean. They will get into anything...read more.
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