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Top 10 Trending Home Decor Tips to Try This Year

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Everyone loves to be a part of the trend, isn’t it? From plant-based food and healthy eating to wearing classy red, we try to be a part of everything which is “happening”. This viral drift also spans into housing and interior decor.

10 Trending Home Decor Tips to Try This Year

If you are ready for a big makeover for your living space, our interior designers in Seven Dimensions reveal the top 10 trending home decor tips to try out this year. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.

Rich Shades

Lighter colours might be the everyday and safest option for many interiors. However, think blazing red, metallic, coffee brown and, of course, a lot of Violet and emerald green — for a rich and sophisticated look. Application of contrasting colours on both walls and furniture pieces would elevate the look of the living space to the next level. Even if it is your modern home or a beach house, giving it a rich look with dark shades will be easy if they are harmonized with the right furniture, ornaments, rugs, wall art etc.

Woody Furniture

Retro style furniture made up of polished dark wood is good to go with the rich coloured living space. Pale coloured bleached wood furniture is pretty outdated. Seven Dimensions interior designers feel that darker wood colours imply a revival for retro attraction and give a new look on contemporary style.

Furniture with metallic handles and legs are the perfect finishing touches. And a blend of gold, brass, black and marble gives a more posh feel and comfort. Retro patterns, such as wishbone-style dining set would look super stylish.

Statement Chairs

An elegantly designed Statement chair is more than just a place to sit. Statement chairs are bold in colours and unique in shapes. These chairs provide a vibrant feel and also makes the look of the room captivating. Statement chairs stand out distinct and also take the mood of the room to the next level.

Some of the trendiest statement chairs are:

  • The Printed Office chair.
  • The Portrait chair with an Animal Applique.
  • The Rattan Peacock chair.
  • The Classic Eames chair.
  • The Fiberglass Rocking chair.
  • The Leather Swivel chair.

Plants and more plants

With increasing news of health benefits, the interior house plant culture is growing notably. You can use them in every corner of your home. You can design even plants with the eye-catching vibrant backdrop. Not only do they filter the air for you, but also add the perfect decorative element to your living space. In contrast to vibrant designs and colours, they may just be the coolest way to make your room a splendid place.

Vintage accessories

As a matter of fact, vintage accessories transform the whole place into a spectacular one with their intricate details. 2018 is for vintage accessories trend because it loves the history to revisit itself in a dynamic way. It will be a great time to make vintage accessories a focal point, especially in contrast with more modern pieces and fixtures.

String Lights

Nothing could beat the enchantment of a room filled with sparkling string lights. You always have found the string lights pretty fancy in restaurants and wedding halls. It’s time to incorporate this fancy thing into your interior decor. Hang several strands from the ceiling to create a luminous space. This will create a new experience by bringing the stars into your door.

Big Art Theory

Gallery walls absolutely still have a place in our hearts, but posting it all on a single wall can also have an extensive impression. A minimalistic abstract is an instant show-stopper and can play well in a bright space in addition to one with complementary lights.

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is a simple but stunning thing to use in your home. Hanging a vase is a great idea, and it can make even more of an impact. Our designers at Seven Dimensions love this idea pretty much just because it instantly lends a warm, restorative calm to any room.

Multipurpose Coffee Table

Whenever you listen to the name “coffee table”, you always think of a pretty decent space for some quality time. But we think there is much more going on with your coffee tables. That’s why choosing a multipurpose storage piece over the conventional coffee table is always a good idea.

Sputnik Chandeliers

Sputnik chandeliers, named after the famous Russian satellite, have found their own orbit into the interior decor ever since the late 90s. This chandelier can be an amazing element in the middle of a neutral space. Ultimately this would serve as a USP of your innovative interior design.

For more interior design ideas and tips, do contact our expert interior designer team at Seven Dimensions.

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