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Turmeric for dogs: Benefits and ways of using turmeric to heal your dog

Last updated on: June 28th, 2018

Using turmeric for dogs to treat or prevent ailments may sound strange. However, its one of the spices that can eliminate a lot of your dog’s discomforts. It is a good idea to walk away from the strong commercial cures for pet ailments and turn to gentler options such as the turmeric spice and other spice that you have in your kitchen cupboard to heal and strengthen your dog.

Many tests and studies prove that turmeric is an excellent solution for the treatment of lots of dog ailments and discomforts that our pets deal with these days. If you can use it often, it can act as a preventative measure for your dog when it comes to many health problems.


Why is turmeric powerful against disease?

There are so many other spices, so it’s essential we ask the question – why turmeric? What does this spice have that makes it stand out from the others as a powerful cure and remedy for different ailments in dogs?

Well, turmeric for dogs contains a compound called curcumin that has lots of capabilities which enable it to fight disease. Curcumin has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant properties. Here are a few benefits of turmeric you should know about that prove how useful it is to dogs.


Benefits of using turmeric for dogs

1. Fight inflammation

Inflammation is the cause of many diseases in animals and human beings. If your dog suffers a lot from problems caused by inflammation such as itching skin or arthritis, turmeric can help. Also, if your dog has a history of inflamed bowels, then you can use turmeric to heal it and restore it back to good health. It contains pain relieving properties that are just as good as ibuprofen hence it can reduce pain in your dog significantly.


2. Strengthen your dog’s immune system

Turmeric contains powerful antioxidants (like Joint Supplement for Dogs) that can increase your dog’s immunity. Using it often in your pet’s diet (read more about Hip Dysplasia: How to Care for Your Pet.) can help it fight off slight infections such as stomach bugs and colds.


3. Detox the system

Our dogs eat a lot of dirt as they scavenge around especially when they are out for walks or when they go out to defecate. As a result, they sometimes ingest harmful microbes that may harm them. Turmeric is a potent detoxifier, and it also protects the liver from harmful toxins so that it remains healthy (read more about Natural joint supplements for dogs to relieve pain and heal joint ache.).


4. Fight cancer

Cancer can ravage your dog and shorten its lifespan. Researchers say that fifty percent of adult dogs may end up suffering from cancer in their old age. One of the significant causes of this disease in animals is inflammation. Turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent cancer in your dog if you include it in its diet regularly.


5. Replacement for steroids

Does your dog suffer from allergies? Then its likely that you have a prescription for steroids from your vet to help it deal with them. Unfortunately, steroids while being quite useful can have adverse side effects on your pup. A better replacement for steroids is turmeric which has been proven to be just as effective as steroids in dealing with allergies.


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How to make some golden paste for your dog

There are a lot of benefits of turmeric for dogs, but it’s not so easy to feed your dog this spice. First, it has a bright mustard color that may be unappealing to them and also has a sharp aroma to it that they may not like. So you have to find ingenious ways of getting your dog to ingest turmeric for its benefit.

Start by making turmeric paste which is also called golden paste for your pet. You cannot just start feeding your dog turmeric on its own because it can be harsh on the system. So you have to combine the spice with oils such as olive oil or coconut oil to make it go down smoothly without causing too much discomfort to your dog.

If you want to increase the absorption of the curcumin in your dog, you should also mix in some black pepper. The piperine in the black pepper can significantly improve the absorption of curcumin in your dog’s system. Black pepper is also good for your dog’s health as is the coconut oil or olive oil; so you will just be increasing the potency of the turmeric paste for dogs when you combine all these ingredients.

To make the golden paste you need two teaspoons of turmeric, two teaspoons of oil, plus a 1/4 teaspoon of fresh ground black peppercorn and some water. Pour the turmeric into a pan of water and bring it to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and stir gently until the mixture turns into a paste. Let it cool, add the pepper and oil and then mix in. Let the golden paste cool and then its ready for use. If you want to make a big batch increase the dosage of each ingredient to your satisfaction, refrigerate the paste for up to two weeks, and you can use it as often as you like.


Tricks to feed turmeric for dogs to your pet

Once you make the golden paste its time to feed it to your dog. It’s advisable that you start with small doses and then increase them as the days go by as you monitor your dog’s reaction to it. Since the spice is foreign to your dog’s body, it may exhibit a few detox symptoms during the first few days of taking it. So starting it on small doses will ensure you do not overwhelm its system and help it to get used to the remedy slowly. There are some things you can do to ensure feeding your dog the turmeric paste is easy for you and your dog.


1. Mix it in some broth or gravy

Dogs love eating so you can mix the paste in bone broth, sauce or and any other meat or vegetable dishes they like. It’s a good idea to use it in bone broth because it also contains lots of other minerals that your dog needs.


2. Hide it in treats

Find something your dog loves to eat such as beef patties or sausage meat and hide some turmeric paste in it. If your dog is anything like mine, it will gobble up the treat, and the turmeric will be in its belly before it notices anything.


3. Include some probiotic or prebiotic food

Turmeric can cause constipation in your pet especially the first few days. You can remedy this by adding prebiotic and probiotic foods such as fermented cabbage, yogurt or kefir to its diet. Also, give it a lot of water to help in elimination.

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4. Monitor detox symptoms

Look out for the signs of the body detoxing due to the effects of turmeric in your dog’s system. These detox symptoms should not be mistaken for harmful side effects, and they will clear within a week or two of using the golden paste. The most common detox symptoms are runny stool, flatulence or stomach upsets and they will clear quickly as your dog’s body gets used to the cure.


5. Signs that it’s working

Observe your pet to see if the turmeric is working or if they have a terrible reaction to it in which case you should stop feeding it the remedy. Ideally, when the turmeric for dogs is working, you will notice a decrease in inflammation. So skin problems will heal, and if they have aching joints, you will see that they are no longer feeling pain when they walk. In case of any worrying reactions contact your vet, and he/she will advise you on the way forward.


6. Caution when using turmeric for dogs

While turmeric is suitable for dogs, it is not for all. For example, if your dog is taking blood thinner medication, then it is not a good candidate for this remedy since turmeric is a blood thinner. It can also elevate the body temperature, and if your dog is uncomfortable with this, you can stop giving it the remedy. If your dog suffers from kidney stones, avoid this spice as well because it increases the oxalates in the blood which is not safe for kidney stone sufferers.


7. Vet supervision

You should give your pet turmeric for dogs under the supervision of your vet. That way in case of any unusual symptoms or terrible reactions you have a professional to advise you. Also, your vet will be able to tell you if any conditions in your dog may get worse if you use golden paste. However, turmeric is generally considered a safe remedy for most dogs so consider using it to improve your dog’s health.

Using turmeric for dogs to treat or prevent ailments may sound strange. However, its one of the spices that can eliminate a lot of your dog\'s....read more.
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