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7 Ways to Squeeze that Beautiful Backyard Makeover Into Your Spring Budget

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Spring is the best time of year to break out those gardening gloves and get to work outside.

As the butterflies, bees, and birds return to your backyard, make sure you have an inviting garden awaiting them. You will also want a place where you can sit and watch them flutter by as you sip lemonade or tea.

Make sure your budget allows your backyard to shine as you thaw in the springtime sun. Luckily, with these backyard-on-a-budget ideas, you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful backyard this spring!

Blooms and Blossom on a Budget

drought tolerant plantsWhen it comes to the backyard, you need plants that will make you smile and that celebrate the beauty of the natural world. When it comes to choosing plants on a budget, there’s no need to skimp on quality or color!

Xeriscape and drought-tolerant plants save you money in the long run. Americans spend one-third of their daily water usage on their yards. That’s 100 gallons per day! By saving water, you’ll save pennies and the time it takes to water the garden.

And with all the beautiful (and colorful) flowering succulents on the market, your garden will be packed with personality.

Start Small, Start from Seeds

Before Spring rolls around, you can always prep for your garden inside. You don’t even need a greenhouse. Propagating plants from seed can be easy. All you need is a reusable plastic starter tray (or recycle yogurt cups), potting mix, and a warm, sunny window.

A pack of seeds will cost you from $1 to $4 and can produce up to 50 plants. While one established plant will cost you about the price of a pack of seeds.

Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

Plants are not your only expense when it comes to a dazzling garden makeover. You’ll need pots, planters, pavers, and other hardscape items.

There’s no reason why previously loved items can’t shine with new life in your garden.

When it comes to your rethinking your backyard design, you can create a DIY hummingbird feeder from a 2-liter bottle and an old Tupperware container. Or use scapes of wood as your garden border to line a walkway. You can even bathe the birds in good cheer with a birdbath constructed from reused vases and plates.

Use Your Tax Return as a Budget Booster

It just so happens that Winter turning into Spring is also tax season. When you complete your taxes, reward yourself and your backyard by budgeting a bit for your springtime garden.

While you’ll want to make sure your nanny, babysitter, or other hired help is accounted for, your backyard renovation may be eligible to be written off. So use those savings to boost your reno budget and add a few fresh hardscape elements to your design.

Create a Zen Hangout with a Rug and Some Chairs

If your goal is to spend your time in your backyard, keep it cozy and inviting with an outdoor rug and a few comfy chairs.

If your pavers have seen better days, you may not need to replace them. You can cover them for a new fresh effect. Not many shoppers are our looking for rugs in the Fall and Winter, which makes them a great discount! If you shop in advance for an outdoor rug, you can often find fabulous deals.

Create a DIY Water Feature

The sound of running or trickling water can be quite relaxing. Why not create your own fountain, pond, or stream?

All you need is a watertight basin or barrel, and a few other items. You’ll need a water pump if you want your feature to come alive with flowing water. You can even find an antique bathtub in a second-hand shop to add Victorian flair to your backyard.

Water will encourage wildlife to stop by for a drink, too.

Embrace Gravel and Stone

Some gardens love mowing their lawns, while others prefer a more low-maintenance approach to yard work.

Grass requires an immense amount of water and upkeep. You can cut back on the cost and work by cutting back on your grass. Some of the most inspiring and handsome lawn designs are embracing gravel and stone.

Gravel doesn’t require near the upkeep that grass does. It can also be less expensive than sod.

You can even plant a rock garden that will add life and energy to your yard.

Think green this spring when it comes to your garden. With some ingenuity and out of the box thinking, you can have a blissful garden to ring in the Spring this year!

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