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What makes a healthy happy dog

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Healthy pets make happy pet owners. Pets are family to most people, and it is so stressful when they are ill or unhappy. If you have a pet that you love like a dog, then you do your best to make sure it is comfortable, healthy and happy at all times. Pets cannot talk when they’re unhappy, but you will see it in how they behave or look. It’s a sad sight to see an unhealthy pet when they are not happy or unwell, and it hurts all members of a household who care about it.

It takes little to make your dog, cat or any other domesticated animal happy. Make an effort to do things that encourage their well-being. Here are a few things you can do for your pet to ensure they are comfortable and healthy.


1. Provide proper shelter

Provide proper shelterI hate seeing dogs chained outside under the sun or in the rain. I feel the same when I look at other pets that have inadequate housing. One of the biggest acts of cruelty to a domestic animal is to shelter them poorly or not at all.

Make sure that your pet has a shelter, lounge or sleeping area that is all theirs and that they feel is their comfort place. If your pet sleeps outside, the area should be waterproof and clean with soft and warm bedding to lie on and adequate ventilation. Your pets shelter, beddings, and play area should be regularly cleaned and disinfected for their good and yours too. You don’t want to have fleas, and other pests invade your home using your pet as a carrier and this will happen if you don’t keep them and any items they use clean.


2. Provide enough food and water

You cannot live without food and water, and the same goes for your pet. Find out what’s best to feed your dog, cat or other pet and get them a good supply of these foods. Also, learn what is not suitable for them and keep them away from it. Probiotics and prebiotics are also very important part of the food circle. Ensure they have enough water especially during hot days to avoid overheating and dehydration.

Great Tip: Get an automatic dog feeder!

Healthy pets are also fit pets so do not overfeed your dog or cat (read more about diabetic dog food here). Keep them on a feeding schedule making sure they get just enough food at each time. An excellent device to help you feed your pet regularly and with the right amount of food each time is an automatic dog feeder. It dispenses a set quantity of food at specific times for your dog, and you can use it for other pets such as cats too.

A great thing about an automatic pet feeder is that you can feed your cat or dog on schedule when you are not home. These feeders can dispense dry foods and liquids such as water so
that when you are away from home, you know your pet is eating and drinking on schedule. It’s a great way to make sure that your pet is well fed and hydrated, and also helps you save time and energy since you don’t have to keep refilling your dog’s feeding or water dish throughout the day.


3. Quality time

Healthy pets are those that get a lot of interaction with their owners. Pets need to spend time with you and feel loved to keep them happy. Even if you shelter them and keep them
well fed, they will be unhappy if they do not get to spend enough time with you. So spend enough time with your pets and make sure you use a huge chunk of this time engaging in activities that allow them to exert energy and also socialize with other humans and pets. You can divide the time you spend with your pet into two categories.

Fun time:

Having fun times with your pet outdoors helps them get rid of pent-up energy and lifts their moods so that you don’t have a grumpy pet on your hands. Otherwise, they get very unpleasant and start destroying things or even get nasty such as when they poo in your shoes or chew your favorite piece of clothing or furniture. It also keeps them from getting fat. You don’t want an overweight pet on your hands because it encourages disease and will shorten their lifespan.

So run with your dog in the yard, play fetch with them, go for walks and even take them to parks or events where they can meet other animals of their kind. You will benefit from the interaction with other pet owners too!

Cuddle time:

Cuddle timeAlso, make sure that you get a lot of cuddle time with your pets. Touch is one of the best ways to show your pet that you love them. Learn where to touch your pet to release feel-good
hormones in them. You can also treat them once in a while to a day at the groomers. You enjoy going to the spa so why not let your furry friend have a day at the pet spa too! It goes a long way in making them feel loved and adored and also contributes to a healthy outward appearance.


4. Protect your pets

Healthy pets are secure pets that feel they are safe and loved in their environment. There are predators out there in the form of dangerous animals and even cruel humans that will injure your pet at will. Always keep your pet in a secure place away from such unsavory characters. It could be a violent neighbor that doesn’t like your dog or cat. It could also be other vicious pets that can harm your pet because they have not been trained to interact with other animals. Whatever the danger, keep your pet away from it and always do your best to protect them.

Also, try and keep from exposing them to things that are bad for them that they crave. For example, many dogs like the taste of chocolate but in large doses, it can be poisonous to them. Pets thrive in discipline and routine so you must ensure that you uphold this in their lives.


5. Visits to the vet

People often avoid visiting the vet not realizing how much it contributes to the overall well-being of their pets. Your vet will advise you on any vaccinations that your pet needs and take care of other essential procedures such as neutering. Frequent visits to the vet will ensure that necessary health checks and procedures are done on your pet so that you avoid any health or behavioral complications from your pet that come from not having them.


These are just a few things you can do to maintain healthy pets in your household. Pets bring so much joy into our lives because they provide a unique kind of friendship and loyalty that we can’t get anywhere else even from our fellow humans. Remember, always treat your pet right, and they will give their best to you.

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