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Where should your dog sleep and why does it matter?

Last updated on: June 28th, 2018

The question where should your dog sleep is not one that many dog owners ask themselves. Sometimes I envy dogs because they can sleep anywhere, with reckless abandon and at any time. Under the table, on the seat, in the shade, on their backs, legs in the air farting away! Any time is snooze time for most dogs, and any place will do as long as they can feel comfortable enough.

The truth is we should discipline our dogs to choose better sleeping areas for their benefit as well as ours. The question where should your dog sleep should be put into careful consideration just as we plan on what they eat and when to give them their vaccination shots.

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Why should you care about where your dog is sleeping?


It’s important to focus on your dogs sleeping habits because it affects their behavior significantly.

Some factors come to mind to explain why it’s important to choose a proper sleeping area for your pet. These are:

1. Dominance

When you have a dog, you need to show it who is boss. Letting your dog sleep with you on your bed can trigger feelings of dominance in some dogs. You may want them near you for cuddles and security, but in their minds, it gives them a sense of entitlement that may trigger behavioral issues.

Dogs are pack animals, and they see you as the head of the pack. If you teach them to sleep with you in your bed, they may start to feel entitled like they are bosses too. The worst case scenario in such times is worrying behavior where they challenge your commands often, and you don’t want that to happen. So it’s best to get a designated sleeping area for your pet and train it to sleep there as opposed to snoozing on your bed.


2. Hygiene

Whether we like it or not dogs are not very clean animals. Depending on how thoroughly you clean your dog, you can vouch for its cleanliness. However, if you have seen a dog licking it nether regions or picked a tick from it, you know better!

Dogs are not clean enough to sleep in our beds or on the couch in the sitting room. Some dogs also shed a lot of hair that may trigger breathing problems. So for these reasons it may be better to get dog beds for large dogs, cushions for small pups or a comfort blanket for your pet dog to sleep on in a warm area of the house.


3. Training

Animal Brown CanineIts easier to train a dog when you designate it a particular sleeping area as compared to when you allow it to sleep in your bed. It will learn to heed to commands such as when you ask it to get in its crate or dog house at night.

Also, you will find it easy to establish a routine with issues such as toilet breaks. The dog will learn to stay put in its spot and avoid running underfoot unless you allow it. It will make organizing in the home much easier for you too. Dogs also learn to control their bladders and bowels better when they have a cleanest personal sleeping area as many of them do not like to soil where they sleep.


4. Security

When you designate a dog a particular sleeping area or chill spot such as a dog crate you give it a sense of security. Sort of like the feeling you get when you have your house to come home to where you can relax at the end of a busy day. Your pup will learn to retreat to its crate whenever it feels like taking a nap or having a rest which is always a good thing especially when you have guests, and it feels overwhelmed.

These factors show you just how important the question where should your dog sleep is and how much consideration you should put into it. There are many options if you want to create a nice sleeping spot for your pooch. You only need to pick the one that suits your dog best.


Different places you can let your dog sleep in


Dogs sleep for at least 12 hours of the day. Proper sleep is essential to dogs for their physical and mental well being. They need good uninterrupted rest to develop well and maintain a healthy disposition just like humans.

Therefore, you need to make a comfortable and secure place for your dog to have as its sleeping and resting spot. Here are a few suggestions you can pick from:

1. Doggie basket

Animal BabyIf you have a small pup or small dog breed a wicker basket can make a great sleeping spot. Just place a pillow or cushion inside it and add a small comfort blanket with a few chew toys and you have the perfect sleeping area for your little dog. It’s a great place they can snuggle in and stay warm and feel secure throughout the night.


2. A dog crate

Large dog breeds such as greyhounds may not fit into dog baskets or dog beds unless they are small pups. In this case, you can get your pet a dog crate to sleep in and stay in whenever they feel like taking a rest. Dog crates come in larger dimensions than dog beds and allow a big dog enough space to sleep without feeling squeezed. You can put in a blanket for warmth and add in some chew toys for it to munch on during its downtime.

These crates also come in hand when you want to transport your pup from one place to another, so it’s always good to have one around the house. You can also lock your dog in a crate when you are busy around the house and want to keep them in a secure place to avoid interference.


3. Dog beds for large dogs

When it comes to larger breeds such as beagles, maybe it’s a good idea to get a dog bed. Dog bed come in larger sizes for large dogs. They are padded and just large enough for a dog to snuggle in comfort. You can line the dog bed with a favorite blanket, old towel or soft cloth to ensure your pooch feels warm and secure throughout the night.


4. Dog kennel

If your dog is an outside dog, then a kennel is the logical place for them to sleep. Often dog houses are kept close enough to the home so that the dog doesn’t feel abandoned, but far enough so that it doesn’t get overly excited every time it hears a member of the household talk. You can choose to put your dog house in the garage or the yard – it’s up to you. Just make sure you get a dog house that is of adequate size for your pup and also able to keep it protected from the elements.


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The next time you hear the question where should your dog sleep you will have a few options in mind. Whichever option you choose, comfort and security are essential factors to put into consideration. Ultimately your dog is like a member of the family and needs proper care and treatment. Making sure it has an excellent place to sleep is one of the things you have to take care of for its well-being so make sure you make it a priority.

The question where should your dog sleep is not one that many dog owners ask themselves. Sometimes I envy dogs because they can sleep...read more.
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